Air Transat: the company unveils its flight program to Canada for 2022

While Canada has reopened its borders, the airline Air Transat will offer connections from 8 French cities for spring and summer 2022.

Air Transat: the company unveils its flight program to Canada for 2022

While Canada has reopened its borders, the airline Air Transat will offer connections from 8 French cities for spring and summer 2022.

[Updated Nov 12, 2021 3:34 PM] A Canadian airline based in Montreal, Air Transat operates international, scheduled and charter flights. Voted the world's best airline in the Leisure category at Skytrax's World Airline Awards in 2018, it carries nearly 5 million passengers around the world every year. As Canada reopened its borders to vaccinated travelers last September, airline Air Transat unveiled its spring and summer 2022 flight schedule.

It will thus offer connections to Montreal from Bordeaux, Basel-Mulhouse, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Nantes Paris and Toulouse and to Quebec and Toronto from Paris only. Tickets are already on sale on the Air Transat website.

Canada's largest airline specializing in vacation travel, Air Transat carries nearly 5 million passengers each year to nearly 60 destinations in 30 countries around the world. In the summer, the company flies to 35 sun destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico and several Latin American countries from Canada. In winter, Air Transat offers 64 direct connections from 24 Canadian cities to 28 cities in Europe and the Middle East. In France, 7 major airports offer flights to Calgary, Montreal, Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver. The company's 2018 summer schedule will include more flights to Canada from Paris, Marseille (5 direct flights per week), Lyon (4 direct flights per week), Toulouse (3 direct flights per week), Nantes , Bordeaux and Nice (2 direct flights per week).

Choice of seat, gourmet meal, additional baggage... Air Transat allows you to customize your trip by modifying your reservation online up to 24 hours before your flight departs. From 24 euros for a standard seat to 64 euros for a seat with more legroom, consult the price list for seat selection and complete the form (see here) to validate your choice. Please note that entry requirements to Canada have changed since November 2016. In addition to your valid passport, you will also need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) and a valid visa. Make sure you get all the necessary paperwork before your trip.

Once you have made a reservation to the destination of your choice, you can find all the information relating to your trip in just a few clicks using the dedicated "My Account" space on the Air Transat website. After entering the confirmation number indicated on your booking confirmation and the passenger's last name, you will then have access to all the useful information about your flight: departure airport, departure and arrival time, seat number, additional baggage… In the event of a flight delay, bad weather or strikes, Air Transat also updates the information relating to a flight in progress in the “Flight status and schedule” section (see here).

At Air Transat, you can save time by checking in for free online. Once at the airport, all you have to do is drop off your luggage at the counter provided. On the airline's website, you can check in from 24 hours to 2 hours before the scheduled departure time of your flight, if you are departing from one of the 60 cities indicated in the "Online" area: Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​Bordeaux, Brussels, London, Marseille, Paris, Quebec or Rome... If you want to check in at the airport on the day your flight departs, make sure you respect the check-in deadline which is 60 minutes before the scheduled take-off time.

When you travel with Air Transat, your reservation entitles you to free boarding with cabin baggage weighing up to 10 kilos in Economy and Option Plus class and 15 kilos in Club class, and with maximum dimensions of 23 x 40 x 51 cm . In addition to cabin baggage, a personal item such as a bag, laptop bag or camera bag is also permitted on board the aircraft. For all travellers, checked baggage cannot exceed 32 kg and 158 cm (length width height). The number of bags then depends on the class of the ticket: one bag of 23 kg maximum in Economy class, 2 bags of 33 kg in total in Option Plus class and 2 bags of 40 kg in total in Club class. Please note that a fee of 60 euros will apply to each piece of baggage exceeding the maximum authorized weight.

While Qatar Airways was voted first of the best airlines in the world according to the Skytrax 2017 ranking, Air Transat is in 70th place, far behind Singapore Airlines, Emirates or Lufthansa which are part of the top 10... Taking into account the 501 reviews published on the Skytrax website, the Canadian airline obtains 3 stars out of 5 and a customer rating of 6/10.

Before booking an Air Transat flight, take the time to carefully read the "Passenger Services" to find out about the compensation measures in the event of a flight delay or cancellation. As a first step, the Canadian company undertakes to inform its passengers as much as possible of delays and schedule changes. In the event of a flight delayed by more than 4 hours, Air Transat will provide you with a meal voucher. If your flight is more than 8 hours late and you need to take overnight accommodation, the company will reimburse you for the hotel night and transfers between the airport and the hotel. If a delay occurs while you are already on board, snacks will be distributed to passengers. If the delay exceeds 90 minutes and the captain of the aircraft allows it, Air Transat will offer passengers the possibility of disembarking from the aircraft until the time of departure.

In the event of cancellation of your flight, Air Transat will be obliged to find you a place on board another flight, to buy you a place on board a flight of a carrier with which it has an agreement interline traffic or refund the unused portion of your ticket. You can also contact and inform them of your complaint by filling out the "Questions, comments or complaints after travel" form available here.