Good Friday 2019: These films may not be shown publicly

That there is today, on good Friday dancing ban, is known. Quiet holidays may not (to be also shown over 700 films to the public). Our article from 19. April

Good Friday 2019: These films may not be shown publicly

That there is today, on good Friday dancing ban, is known. Quiet holidays may not (to be also shown over 700 films to the public).

Our article from 19. April 2019:

Munich - That on good Friday, a no-dancing ban, is generally known. The reason is that On good Friday to commemorate the Christians of the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. That's why the holiday should be spent according to Christian Faith, is appropriate restrained. But also many outside of the Church, German citizens seem to be the dance ban, and the omission of Halli-Galli to manage well: According to a survey by the opinion research Institute YouGov from the year 2017, 52 percent of Germans were in favour of the prohibition of the dance, 38 percent were opposed.

What's On good Friday, a demonstration in Germany, there is a ban for about 700 films. Sounds like a first time super-strict. However, this prohibition is not too much in our casual design.

Here you will find the most important information to the Film-Banned on good Friday.

good Friday: prohibitions, customs and traditions

Who prohibits the exhibition of films on good Friday?

Responsible for the assignment of age ratings in accordance with the youth protection act in Germany is the Voluntary self-control of the film industry (FSK). The FSK assigns the well-known markings of films like "twelve years," or "no youth release".

Since 1952, the FSK also regulates the release of films to the performance of the so-called quiet holidays, enjoy in some of the länder special protection.

basis of performance, prohibitions in cinemas is article 140 of the basic law, according to which Sundays and holidays are protected by law. More accurate is defined in the public holidays laws of the countries.

In terms of silence holidays such as good Friday, all saints day or the dead Sunday may publicly according to the FSK, the only movies (!) are listed, where the "serious character" is maintained. Explicitly, the control panel writes: "the films that speak to the character of those holidays, so much so, that a violation of the religious and moral feeling is to be feared, however, release no Holidays."

specifically Means: The public performance of movies with too much Sex, violence, or rubbish is prohibited on quiet holidays like good Friday.

What movies are banned on good Friday?

The list is long. More than 700 productions may not be shown on good Friday, open to the public. The FSK has recently published in early 2016, a list with films that have not received approval for the quiet holidays.

In the case of some films, the title, why you are not allowed to be listed on good Friday explains actually. As lurid as the "Horrorsex in the night Express", "blood trade fair for the Zombies" or "virgin among cannibals" on the FSK-list.

worthy of Discussion may be whether the Religious Satire "Monty Phythons life of Brian" has to run on good Friday, in the cinema or the prostitution-advertising film "The flambéed woman".

but Then there are also movies that are according to current understanding is rather harmless, as the Bud-Spencer-scrappy "Banana Joe", the aerial combat "Top Gun" or comedies like "Police Academy" or "Ghostbusters".

On its Website, the FSK acknowledges that a holiday ban on some films, according to today's Standards difficult to understand: "Certainly is worth discussing the extent to which this scheme is still as time felt. Here is a social discourse, and the legislature would be asked.“

If anyone is wondering why the "Heidi"movie of 2001, or "Nick Knatterton" is prohibited on good Friday: in fact, it is in many movies, not to your content, that you are on the FSK-list. After all, The holiday release must be requested by the movie give the same as the old release. Not all rentals have the observed. That's why even harmless films landed on the list. In the meantime, the examination of the old release and the holiday release are coupled. As a result, only one percent of the new movies end up on the list.

Here you will find a selection of movies that are banned on good Friday:

Mad Max The Little one with the big mouth
Fritz The Cat Batman keeps the world in breath
The adventures of Rabbi Jacob
dance of the vampires
Didi and the revenge of the disinherited
pirate radio Powerplay
1941 ‐ where, please, go to Hollywood?
Banana Joe
bloodlust of the Zombies
Horrorsex in the overnight Express
The Nude bomb don't Forget with the Sex the love ‐ schulmädchen‐Report 13. Part of Monty Pythons ‐ life of Brian
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
piranha II ‐ The revenge of the killer fish virgin among cannibals
ice cream on a stick 3. Part ‐ words of love
Bonnie and Clyde
Vorden, The brothers Lionheart,
Mary Poppins
Didi hall ‐ Everything in the bucket
Aliens ‐ The return
Spa season in a dirndl panties
Mel Brooks ' crazy history of the world
Conan The barbarian
The thing from another world (Version 1982)
48 hours
Dirty Harry comes back
Didi ‐ der Doppelgänger
Heidi in the mountains (2001)
The Terminator
The City‐shark
The City-Cobra, Top Gun ‐ they fear neither death nor hell
Rififi on good Friday
Predator Masters of the Universe
Robocop Charley's aunt (1989)
Road House
pet Sematary (1989)
fire, Ice & dynamite
Nick Knatterton's adventures (1994)
Scream ‐ scream!
John Carpenter's vampires
RAM lamb
Jackass: The Movie
28 Days Later
Freddy Vs. Jason
Dumb and dumber 2
Crank 2: High Voltage
New Kids Nitro
Hitman: Agent 47
Vacation ‐ We are the Griswolds

The complete list with all the films, their public performance is prohibited on good Friday, see this Link at the FSK.

FSK for movies and TV shows: How the rating actually works?

the Extent to which I need to keep me on the ban of films on good Friday?

Important! The performance of the prohibition of films on good Friday applies only to movie theaters and public performances. as a reminder: The legal regulation dates back to the year 1952. At that time, films were shown either in the cinema or not at all. The television was the beginning of the ' 50s is still quite insignificant.

Since then, the law has not been revised. Overall, the demonstration ban, according to the FSK managing Director Stefan Linz, in the meantime, hardly any relevance.

on TV, the movies allowed to be shown – but it needs to be a holiday release requested. Also on Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Maxdome you can see the movies without holiday release easily.

+ of The proof: "Jackass: the Movie" is according to the FSK, "not holiday", but can also be watched on good Friday on Netflix without any problems.©Screenshot: Netflix

Means: the one Who holds on today's good Friday "Mary Poppins", "Batman the world in breath" or "Dumb and dumberer 2" private wants to see, is not prevented from doing so. "holiday-free" movies at home may also, of course, on DVD or Blu-Ray are available.

And that the cinemas will show, for economic reasons, prefer to current blockbusters such as "Captain Marvel" or "Shazam!", is pretty obvious. With a Schwarzenegger-ham from the 80s such as "City shark", which may not be listed on good Friday, attracts no cinema audience.

banning of films on good Friday: What is the penalty?

Shows a cinema operator in one of the listed films on good Friday (or on one of the other unsung holidays), he must reckon with a fine.

in fact, movies can disappear from the "black list": To be deleted a movie, a paid application is necessary. This is not made, the ban is indefinite.


Date Of Update: 10 May 2019, 12:04