What are we listening to this weekend? The playlist of musical releases

This week's program features new musical releases, international pop, rap and some French gems.

What are we listening to this weekend? The playlist of musical releases

This week's program features new musical releases, international pop, rap and some French gems.

On this rainy weekend, make way for the playlist of new musical releases of the week! For this final week of February, and while waiting for spring, many artists are unveiling new releases, albums and other singles. On the program this Friday, a bit of Selena Gomez, back with a title called Love on, but also the highly anticipated new record from the Americans of MGMT, Loss of Life.

Also note this week in the playlist of releases of the week, on the French artist side, a remix of Désenchantée by Mylène Farmer by DJ Feder, the first solo single by Sylvain Duthu from Boulevard des Airs or the new clip from Eddy from Pretto. Plug in the speakers, turn up the volume, let's start the playlist of this week's releases:

During a stopover in Paris, singer Selena Gomez announced the release of the single Love On, which follows the previous Single Soon. And so it was in broken French that the American star decided to tease this release on X - formerly Twitter: "What am I going to name you? I'm going to name you. Love Tender love. " We come out, indeed, with a title that speaks... of love, announcing the upcoming publication of a new album, the release date of which we do not know.

After six years of absence, the American group MGMT is making a highly anticipated return with a 5th opus, called Loss of Life and released this Friday. On the program for this disc, ten new tracks and a duet - the first of their career - with the French singer Christine and the Queens, on a piece called Dancing in Babylon, released with a clip.

Today's unexpected collaboration is that of Feder and Mylène Farmer, who had already worked together on the album Disobedience. The French producer and DJ has taken on a monument of the singer, Désenchantée, in a heady version. For this featuring, Mylène Farmer even re-recorded her voice, a first. Mylène Farmer will perform three evenings – sold out – at the Stade de France on September 27, 28 and October 1.

To mark his solo debut, after the Boulevard des Airs adventure, Sylvain Duthu published his very first single, a song aptly titled Prologue, a sign of a future album. An introspective title, between pop and electro, which announces an intimate record.

Eddy de Pretto continues to promote his latest album, Crash Cœur, by offering a clip for his latest single urgences 911. The video, directed by Arthur King, is a tribute to Agnès Lassalle, Spanish teacher in Saint-Jean-de- Luz, murdered last year by one of her students.

And the artist comments: "When I come across the video of a man - the husband of Angès Lassalle editor's note. - who starts a last dance alone during his wife's funeral, I am directly moved and a sudden shock occurs to me. existential question: will we always dance together, even after death? Do our hearts always continue to dance? This unanswered question was a real driving force for the writing of this piece, to try to poetize a painful situation. Attempt to put a touch of hope on the worst." - Eddy de Pretto

We end with the dance nugget of the week, to get you in the mood this weekend: the remix by French DJ Yuskek of the song Antonino, by folk artist Antonin.