TousAntiCovid: where to find the date of his last dose?


TousAntiCovid: where to find the date of his last dose?

ALL ANTI COVID. The TousAntiCovid government application, which can be downloaded for free on your phone, makes it easy to find the date of your previous injection of the Covid-19 vaccine.

[Updated November 29, 2021 at 2:12 p.m.] The TousAntiCovid application is a valuable ally for finding your bearings in time. By opening the application, we find in two different places the date of the last dose of vaccine injected:

Click on "Open my book", the date is displayed under the QR Code of your "Recent certificates", just below your first name, last name and date of birth. You can also find this date in "My favorite certificate" in the "Border" section, for those who use the application daily.

To summarize the new health protocol, the booster dose must be injected from 5 months after the second dose and within a maximum of 7 months if you want to keep your health pass. To make things even easier, Minister of Health Olivier Véran has announced that by December 15, an update to the TousAntiCovid application will allow users to be alerted to the date on which their health pass could be deactivated without a booster dose.

An update to the TousAntiCovid government application, which can be downloaded free of charge, makes it possible to alert its users when their health pass is about to expire. The user is notified 5 months after their last injection to think about their booster dose. The user will then have two months ahead of him to plan his booster dose, also taking into account that the validation of the health pass is effective two weeks after the injection.

How does this translate concretely on the application? According to information from Le Parisien, "the QR Code of the health pass will display a new version with the number of doses received which will increase to 3/3 or 2/2 for those who have received a booster dose after a first vaccination with Janssen. For latecomers, a yellow sign will appear above the QR Code to indicate that its end of validity is approaching".

If the TousAntiCovid application is not mandatory, especially since the health pass can be presented in its paper version, it will therefore be a valuable ally to support the new health measures. Each user is free to activate or deactivate the TousAntiCovid application. To download or find your health pass, go to the Carnet functionality of TousAntiCovid:

The TousAntiCovid application has a feature called "Notebook". This notebook, which does not bear the name of health pass but which represents it, makes it possible to quickly store and display, during checks, proof of a recent PCR or antigen test, a complete vaccination or immunity certificate. natural to Covid-19. The stated objective is clear: to allow easier movement, in places where it is required and between countries, by speeding up and making checks easier.

Another purpose of this notebook is to make fraud impossible, in particular with the falsification of negative tests. In concrete terms, the operation of this option is very simple, all you have to do is flash the QR Code of the document of your health pass in the application, which takes care of generating a QR code that should be presented during checks and which centralizes all data.

The health pass can be stored digitally in TousAntiCovid. The three different scenarios of the health pass are stored in TousAntiCovid Carnet, namely:

These documents are available in digital version on the Ameli or platforms. It is on these platforms that you should retrieve your information and transfer it to the Carnet functionality of TousAntiCovid. To upload your document in the application, go to the "My book" section, select "Add a certificate" and scan the QR code appearing to the right of the certificate (document printed or displayed in pdf on the screen) or at the bottom left if it is a certificate in European format. If you cannot scan the QR code, simply take a photo of your vaccination or test certificate with your smartphone. This is a way of simplifying the evidence relating to the cardholder's medical situation with regard to Covid-19, and thus streamlining checks on boarding or entering places of more than 50 people.

After scanning your information delivered by a test or vaccination certificate, you will find your health pass in the TousAntiCovid Notebook. You click on "Open my book" when you open the application, which displays a QR code, a kind of bar code, for the controls. The health pass in the form of a QR Code is called "Covid Europe Certificate", because the health pass has been standardized at European level.

Regarding the validity of the health pass in the TousAntiCovid application, the application informs the user that his health pass is valid by presenting the mention "2/2" or "Dose: 2" (pass effective on D 7 of the second injection ). If the user has the mention "1/2" or "in progress", the government application invites him to approach the vaccination center or a doctor in order to close the vaccination cycle. The health pass to be presented via TousAntiCovid remains of course optional, the paper format of the health pass is just as valid.

The health pass (in digital format via TousAntiCovid Carnet, or in paper format) is compulsory at the entrance to events or places of culture and leisure, but also in long-distance trains, planes and coaches, as well as in hospitals and retirement homes except emergencies. Since July 1, the health pass is essential for travel in the European Union. All your questions answered below:

The TousAntiCovid Verif reading application makes it possible to control sanitary passes. It can be downloaded and is available to event organisers, operators of cultural and leisure venues, hospitals, transport controllers and restaurateurs. When checking the health pass, they see the name and surname of the person concerned appear, and a green or red light to validate or not the access. According to Le Parisien, TousAntiCovid Verif will also encounter some modifications: "fraudulent national and European certificates (Digital Covid Certificate or DCC) will be displayed directly with a Fraudulent Certificate alert.

Another version is downloadable, TAC Transport Operator (TAC OT), with restricted access, for airlines, maritime and land companies and associated operators since July 1, for the control of the health pass at the borders of the countries of the Union European Union and the Schengen area. According to Le Parisien, "it will soon integrate decision support to streamline checks at the start".

Launched by the government, the TousAntiCovid application, initially used to be alerted or to alert others in the event of exposure to Covid-19, is now used to present your health pass digitally with a QR Code in places where it is required, i.e. places of leisure or culture, i.e. cinemas, museums, theatres, conference or performance halls, libraries and documentation centres, marquees, games rooms and dance, fairs and shows, as well as sports establishments such as swimming pools or sports halls.

In addition to the "Notebook" functionality which displays the digital health pass and the new "Verif" functionality for controls, explained above, the TousAntiCovid user can access all the information on their epidemiological situation or find all the centers of screening and vaccination around his home.

The contact tracing application works primarily via bluetooth. It also allows, via the reminder book, a user tested positive to be able to alert the people encountered around him. The main idea ? Break the chain of transmission of Covid-19. "When a person tests positive, they receive a single-use code with their test result. If they wish, they can then use this code to report in the application that they have tested positive", had specified the Ministry of Health, Olivier Véran, when creating the application. As for people alerted after encountering a positive case, they are invited to isolation and to be tested quickly.

The TousAntiCovid application can be downloaded on all iPhones. To do this, simply go to the Appstore and download the application there.

As on Apple phones, the TousAntiCovid application is available on devices running Android. To do this, nothing could be simpler: go to the Google Play Store.

TousAntiCovid Signal is a feature of the TousAntiCovid government application, set up to combat the spread of Covid-19, which is currently used inside bars, restaurants or cafes to improve the tracing of contact cases, using a QR Code displayed at the entrance to establishments.

But let the technophobes be reassured, if the reminder book is mandatory, its digital version is not the only way for customers to register, the paper version reminder book continues to exist, made available to customers by the managers of restaurants, bars or sports halls.

Restaurants, bars and cafes are currently only required to display a QR Code in indoor rooms that customers must scan at the entrance to the establishment using the TousAntiCovid Signal application. Each visit to an establishment of this type is recorded for a period of two hours in the customer's smartphone. Staff working at the location are recorded for 12 hours. Any place and date of visit are stored on the smartphone. If one of the customers declares themselves positive for Covid-19 in the TousAntiCovid Signal application, all customers who have visited the establishment during the same time slot will then receive a notification, which can have two different colors:

Note: the customer receiving the notification does not know in which establishment he came into contact, he only receives the date of potential contamination.

What is the QR Code for in TousAntiCovid Signal?

The use of a QR Code considerably facilitates the way of relaying information on cases of contamination. By integrating the QR code, TousAntiCovid allows its users to scan a code at the entrance to certain establishments: bars, restaurants, sports halls. If a person who passed through this place at the same time declares himself positive for the coronavirus in the following days, an alert is then sent to other users.

Does TousAntiCovid Signal protect personal data?

For those who are more hesitant on the issue of data, the government has assured that "no personal data is collected. "The QR codes generated by establishments are crypto-identifiers which do not make it possible to find either the name or the address. of the places", is it written in the press kit communicated to the journalists. You will not be "traced", nor identified, but only informed". In addition, the data will be erased after 14 days from the TousAntiCovid Signal application, approved by the CNIL (National Commission for Computing and Liberties). "When a person is alerted, TousAntiCovid users are neither informed of the name of the place where the risky contact took place nor of the identity of the contact person (this information does not exist on the server) “, is it added in this press kit. Since June 2, 2020, 14.7 million French people have already downloaded this contact tracing application allowing them to be alerted in the event of an encounter with a person infected with the coronavirus.

Is TousAntiCovid Signal more effective than the paper reminder book?

Overall, this digital reminder notebook solution seems simpler, especially for professionals: "We were asking for this digital solution, it simplifies our work, there is also greater data discretion and less contact with staff so better health security", explains Serge Gaillard, president of the café-brasserie branch of Umih (Union of hotel trades and industries).

Indeed, the paper reminder book requires the customer to enter their first and last name and telephone number via pen or pencil. This can be a further source of contamination. In addition, the customer's data (surname, first name, telephone number) are then visible to everyone.

In which places is TousAntiCovid Signal or the paper reminder book used?

TousAntiCovidSignal or its paper alternative is only required inside the halls of restaurants, cafes and bars.

New cases of covid, test positivity rate, share of the population tested... Linternaute offers you free access to data on the evolution of the epidemic in your municipality. See

TousAntiCovid allows you to directly download the derogatory travel certificate, necessary with the curfew. Just go to the bottom of the TousAntiCovid home page and click on "Travel certificate" to be sent to the derogatory certificate in digital format.