The best spring musicals in Paris

Broadway classics, hit revivals, crazy shows, discover our top musicals to see or gift to celebrate spring in Paris in 2022.

The best spring musicals in Paris

Broadway classics, hit revivals, crazy shows, discover our top musicals to see or gift to celebrate spring in Paris in 2022.

[Updated on April 27, 2022 at 6:03 p.m.] From unmissable nuggets to innovative shows, from boosted choreographies to heady choruses, musicals are popular this season in Paris. Played in legendary venues (such as the Théâtre de Paris, Marigny or Mogador) or scheduled in more recent venues (such as La Seine Musicale), they are a delight for music lovers.

Classical or pop, original version or French version, new creation or revival, the choices are not lacking. Among the musical events of the moment, a nostalgic parenthesis with The Lion King, a burst of good humor with I'm going to love you, a trip to Broadway with The Producers, or a timeless moment with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory...

25 years, 100 million viewers, multiple awards: The Lion King is the world's biggest hit of all time! The key to success is fantastic sets, colorful costumes, breathtaking choreography and a deep and intoxicating soundtrack, all carried by a troupe of handpicked actor-dancers.

The story is known to all: Simba, still a lion cub, is the worthy successor of his father to the throne of the savannah. However, the lust for power leads his uncle, Scar, to do everything to take his place on the throne. Simba, then in great danger, is forced to flee and therefore renounce his title. During his exile, he will meet friends who will be his confidants and will eventually convince him to return to collect his due. Come and follow the adventure of the Lion King in an extraordinary show. A complete and exhilarating show for children and adults alike as it is grandiose. To see and see again: your spring appointment is at the Théâtre Mogador!

The phenomenon Alexis Michalik, rewarded several times for his work as an author and director (Le Porteur d'histoire, Le Cercle des illusionnistes, Edmond...), returns to the stage with, once again, a new hit. This time, he is the director of the most awarded Broadway musical show in its category. The Producers, by the crazy Mel Brooks, has been performing on Broadway for more than 6 years, and this is the first time that France has had the chance to host a show of such magnitude. You can't miss it!

The story is comical to say the least: a theater producer is on the verge of bankruptcy and wants to try a bluff by setting up an insurance scam. He will then create the most zero musical comedy in history. He is going to write a grotesque script performed by a troupe of burlesque actors, all directed by a director as bad as the script. Despite everything, the musical will meet with great success, which deviates slightly from the initial plan... It's the unmissable show of the season and it's at the Théâtre de Paris!

Let the sun in, the earth says "hello" to you! After a delicious success on the boards of Broadway and the best theaters in London, The Musical Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has conquered and will continue to conquer the hearts of children (and big children)! The Marigny Theater will immerse you in the fantastic and wacky world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that fans of Tim Burton's film will enjoy rediscovering. This magical world that is interpreted to us by 30 talented artists is carried by an impressive live orchestra.

The story remains the same: Willy Wonka, owner of an extraordinary chocolate industry, is looking for his successor at the head of the flamboyant company. He will give the chance to 5 children to visit his chocolate factory but the children do not know what the master of the place has in store for them... Come and meet Willy Wonka, Charlie and his family, Augustus, Veruca, Mike, Violette, the Oompa- Loompas and the Wonka industry on the Parisian stages of the Théâtre Marigny, with a show that will amaze your eyes (and your taste buds).

Lovers and inveterate fans of Michel Sardou, THE spring event is at La Seine Musicale! Love, youth, old age, travel, party or sex… Travel the world, between Paris and New York, with this musical comedy which is an ode to life. The 17 artists tell us about the life of French youth over four decades, with a selection of hits by Michel Sardou and re-orchestrated by Quentin Bachelet and Phillipe Uminiski.

It is a real tribute to Sardou's discography that is offered to us, without being a biographical spectacle. A unique painting! I'm from the South, Le France, Singing, The River of Our Childhood, La Java de Broadway... Prepare your vocal chords, because you're going to sing along! So, head to Lake Connemara and head to La Seine Musicale!

After a worldwide triumph, the musical Madiba settles down for two exceptional performances at the Grand Rex. On May 18 and 19, step back to the time of Apartheid and admire a moving spectacle of sincerity, insurrection and perseverance. Jean-Pierre Hadida and Alicia Sebrien, authors of the play, tell a forbidden love story between a black man and a white woman, intertwining with Nelson Mandela's journey.

His fight to liberate an entire people resounds in the four corners of the room with Zulu choirs, African dances and jazz music. A resolutely committed musical, Madiba pays homage to this revolution and the freedom it has allowed, the freedom to love! Don't miss this essential production which toured France, Australia and New Zealand.

With this selection of the best musicals to discover in Paris in the spring, fill up on a good mood! As a family, alone, as a couple or with friends, you will have stars in your eyes and a wide smile on your face. Good show !