Redcar: the dreamlike reincarnation of Christine and the Queens


Redcar: the dreamlike reincarnation of Christine and the Queens

CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS. Friday, November 11, the now called Redcar unveiled its album "The adorable stars", prologue of an opera and herald of a second disc, in English.

And Christine and the Queens, aka Chris, became Redcar. Now gendered in the masculine, the artist published, on Friday November 11, the album Les adorables étoiles, prologue of a dreamlike, hypnotic and liberating opera, heralding a second disc, in English, announced at the beginning of 2023. A project preceded of two sold-out concerts, at the Cirque d'hiver, in Paris, on November 9 and 10, then a date in London, on November 22. On the facade of the Parisian hall, a message, in red letters: "Pop music is dead, long live theater" ("pop music is dead, long live the theater").

Alone, on stage, Redcar offered his most fervent fans a cathartic and esoteric show, performing songs from the album Les adorable étoiles and showing, between each song, his flaws, his intensity and his questions. Héloïse Adélaïde Letissier then highlighted her artistic and personal mutation, announcing to the spectators a "ritual of psychomagic." Helped by a cane, her leg stiff after a knee injury, Redcar had been forced to postpone these shows and therefore the release of the album.

This new identity is for Christine and the Queens, now Redcar, an allusion to her mother, who died in 2019. On social networks, the artist has also come out transgender. "I am in resistance against the approach of transidentity which wants that there are necessarily hormonal treatments and operations. It is to comply with a binary system in which I do not believe. Binarity was created to control ( ...). I'm sick of having to define myself with their grotesque tools of oppression. And I don't owe anyone scars, to be precise," the artist told the Guardian.

"Redcar les adorable étoiles le debut des anges is a prologue to new songs, coming in early 2023," reads a press release accompanying the album.

The fourth album of Christine and the Queens is therefore called The adorable stars. Composed of thirteen self-produced tracks mixed by the American Mike Dean (Jay-Z, Lana Del Rey, Travis Scott, Kanye West...), it is worn by the singles Nothing to say, I see you finally and The knight's song . In 2020, the one who was then still called Chris, had published La vita nuova, two years after the album of her new identity, Chris. Three discs which succeeded Christine and the Queens' first great success, Chaleur Humaine, crowned with two Victoires de la Musique.