RATP strike: lines affected during the Rugby World Cup?


RATP strike: lines affected during the Rugby World Cup?

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A strike notice has been filed with the RATP for the duration of the Rugby World Cup. The Force Ouvrière union threatens to lead a social movement in Parisian transport, from October 8 to 28, 2023, i.e. during the entire competition. Filed in June, it is currently maintained by the organization. Therefore, should we expect any difficulties in getting around the capital, especially to the Stade de France in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) during these weeks?

Not so fast. The notice filed by FO does not provide for a work stoppage among metro drivers. No line will see, according to this document, its circulation being disturbed. The threat brandished by the union does not concern this sector.

The threat of a strike is brandished so that the employees present at the counters in the stations benefit from the same bonuses as those which will be granted to the drivers during the competitions. If bonuses are planned for agents present at Concorde (Fan Zone) and at the Stade de France, nothing, according to FO, will be granted to other employees working in the same sector. At this stage, the management of the RATP refuses to extend the bonuses but ensures that discussions will continue.