New moon of February 9, 2024: its effects on your astrological sign

The new moon of February 2024 invites you to make some changes in your life.

New moon of February 9, 2024: its effects on your astrological sign

The new moon of February 2024 invites you to make some changes in your life. Find out which astrological signs will be most influenced by this event.

This Friday, February 9, 2024, the second new moon of the year takes place, which will occur in the sign of Aquarius. This new moon is doubled as a super moon, which means that our natural satellite is located at its perigee on this date, that is to say at the point of its orbit closest to the Earth.

During this period, Aquarians must focus on themselves and not hesitate to make room for solo projects that are important to them. According to astrologer Chelsea Jackson of Elite Daily, this Friday, February 9, will allow you to "focus on parts of yourself that don't get enough attention."

The new moon is a moment of renewal which invites all the signs of the zodiac to bring their projects to life or to realize their ambitions. Placed under the sign of Aquarius, a sign of freedom, this lunation is "the time to dare" for all signs of the zodiac, reports the astrologer from Marie-France magazine. She therefore advises “having an independent and autonomous attitude” to achieve your goals. The astrologer specifies that Aquarius also evokes the collective which could play a large role in your success during this new moon.

What three signs will be most influenced by this new moon?

Apart from Aquarius which is at the heart of this new moon, three signs are particularly shaken by the astrological event. These are Taurus, Leo and Scorpio for whom the new moon brings change and some obstacles to overcome.

With this new moon, the sign of Taurus is given a new role or receives the long-awaited recognition in its work. For this sign, it is an opportunity to be creative and to bring new things into your professional environment. Be imaginative and showcase your talents. However, beware of impulsiveness! Stay careful and don't rush into action without thinking.

Concerning Leo, astrologer Natasha Merani insists on the importance of not focusing on yourself and of taking the time to listen to others during this new moon period. For her part, Chelsea Jackson advises you to give a chance to people who arouse your interest even if they don't meet your usual criteria. It’s time to diversify your surroundings!

Finally, Scorpio also sees his daily life turned upside down by the new moon which strongly invites him to make changes in his family life. However, be on the lookout and pay attention to family disputes that could hamper your current plans.

Friday, February 9, 2024, at 11:59 p.m., 11 seconds precisely. The schedule is established by the Institute of Celestial Mechanics and Ephemeris Calculation (IMCCE).