Lomepal: the rapper implicated for "inappropriate gestures" with women


Lomepal: the rapper implicated for "inappropriate gestures" with women

LOMEPAL. The rapper Lomepal is at the heart of a controversy, after a journalist spoke on Instagram of "inappropriate behavior" and pointed out, according to her, a form of omerta which reigns around the artist. Without any substantiated accusation, these allegations are rumors.

"How long will the silence last?" On social networks, the controversy swells, making Lomepal one of the most discussed topics of the morning on Twitter. In question, the Instagram publication of Jenna Boulmedaïs, journalist and co-founder of the Joly Môme media, which points in a post to the "silence that there is in certain circles, concerning the illegal actions" of several "men feeling untouchable."

"It has been two years now that I have heard, in the music world, testimonies of women who have suffered the inappropriate and unwanted gestures of Antoine Lomepal", she writes in her publication, in which she also mentions two men who are the subject of legal proceedings, complaints and testimonies published in the media. Gérard Depardieu (accused of rape, sexual assault and harassment and indicted) and Nicolas Bedos (under investigation for rape and sexual assault).

This message, if it is widely seen and commented on on social networks, only implicates the rapper without any tangible element: no testimony, no specific accusations concerning Lomepal, no concrete story that can support a challenge. No complaint has been filed, no legal proceedings have been initiated against the rapper, who has not yet spoken about these allegations, which, at this stage at least, can only be considered as rumors. The rapper is presumed innocent and there is nothing to confirm that he behaved in a way that could be qualified as criminal.

The journalist insists on social networks: "I repeat: THE WHOLE MUSIC INDUSTRY KNOWS. This silence is literally no longer possible. To see his name headlining for many festivals as well. It is with my heart in pieces that I hear fans screaming his lyrics without even knowing what kind of man he is. accept."

On Twitter, the singer Apple shared the publication of Jenna Boulmedaïs with her own community, adding confusion. Remember: for the time being, the rapper Lomepal has not reacted to this questioning.