Laeticia Hallyday: why she is filing a complaint against TPMP and C8


Laeticia Hallyday: why she is filing a complaint against TPMP and C8

HALLYDAY. Johnny's widow, Laeticia Hallyday has filed a complaint against Touche pas à mon poste for public insults against one of her daughters, Joy.

For once, Touche pas à mon poste is the subject of a complaint. Laeticia Hallyday, widow of Johnny, filed a complaint against Cyril Hanouna's show for public insults. In question, the remarks made in TPMP on January 30, by Kelly Vedovelli, one of the columnists of C8. The subject is a video posted (and since deleted) on Tiktok by Joy Hallyday, 14, youngest daughter of Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday. She appears there in a bathing suit.

On the air, on C8, the video provoked a strong reaction from Kelly Vedovelli, believing that these images were "the height of vulgarity", and explaining: "For me, it's hyper vulgar, with its language, its mouth, her tits….” Before adding: "Whether it's her or another teenager, you can't do that! Because it's the new generation, we have the right to be tepus (bitches, in verlan editor's note.)?"

Joy Hallyday's mother therefore filed a complaint for public insults with the Paris Court of Justice. For Me Gilles Gauer, the Hallydays' lawyer, "such remarks exceed the permissible limits of freedom of expression when their victim is a 14-year-old teenager", reports AFP. According to the same source, a report to Arcom, the media regulatory authority, was launched for "violation of the obligation to respect human rights" and "violation of the obligation to control the 'antenna."

The day after Kelly Vedovelli's release deeming her "hyper vulgar", Joy Hallyday had also responded on her Tiktok account, posting a video in the same vein and writing in caption "Is it still top vulgar for you Kelly?"