La Zarra: urgent desire, "toz" and middle finger... What happened after Eurovision?


La Zarra: urgent desire, "toz" and middle finger... What happened after Eurovision?

ZARRA EUROVISION. France, represented at Eurovision 2023 by La Zarra, finished in 16th position, prompting strange reactions from the singer.

[Updated May 15, 2023 at 10:42 a.m.] Bad loser or victim of a contest of circumstance? Since the end of Eurovision, late in the evening on Saturday May 13, comments have been going well on the post-competition of La Zarra, who represented France with his song Evidemment and who finished the competition in 16th place in the final ranking. .

It is the Swedish Loreen who won Eurovision 2023, with her song Tattoo. A disappointment all the greater for the tricolor delegation, especially since the bookmakers, very followed bettors of Eurovision, had predicted La Zarra a third place. "I am very, very happy to have taken part in Eurovision. I am very happy with everything that has happened.", she declared to BFMTV, a few moments after the announcement of the victory of Loreen. "There are people who sing Obviously, who sing the Francophonie. I think we are winning just with that," she added.

But behind this apparent fair play, two gestures from La Zarra particularly caught the attention of commentators and reacted on social networks. The first is the departure of the singer and the French delegation, even before the announcement of the name of the winner of Eurovision 2023. Faced with numerous comments on social networks, La Zarra explains to the French press that he left the room " simply because we sit for long hours and my bladder is very small. I had to get up to relieve myself!"

When La Zarra learned that the public had awarded him 50 points, the artist made a hand gesture interpreted by many as a kind of middle finger. According to Le Parisien, this gesture would actually be a "toz". This word is a derivative of the word "pet" in the Arabic language, and the gesture associated with it is used to mean "a categorical refusal, indifference, even exasperation", writes the Ile-de-France daily. A gesture that many viewers of Eurovision 2023 did not fail to notice, and which aroused many criticisms. Review below the gesture in question, shared by a user on Twitter.

A press conference of the singer was then organized after the announcement of the results to try to cut short the nascent controversy. La Zarra claimed it was "absolutely not" a middle finger. "Although I represent France, I also have a double culture. It's a bit generational. It's not a negative gesture, on the contrary, it's a gesture of disappointment that we use between friends", she defended herself.

"There are a lot of gestures which, in other countries, mean something else", she continued, before saying "understand" that "it is considered as another gesture" by French spectators. La Zarra finally said she was "very happy" to have participated in Eurovision. Words reported by Le Parisien. The boss of the French delegation, Alexandra Redde-Amiel, then defended the explanations of her candidate, as reported by BFMTV. "It's very cultural, as (La Zarra) explains: it's a gesture that means 'it doesn't matter' (...) It is urgent that the press put the church back in the middle of the village,” she said.

Relive La Zarra's performance with his song Obviously, during Eurovision 2023, this Saturday May 13, 2023 in Liverpool:

This year, therefore, France Télévisions bet on Obviously, a title subtly located between French song and electro, even disco. On Sunday February 19, 2023, a few weeks after being announced as a French representative at Eurovision, La Zarra had unveiled this piece with which she defended, in vain, France in Liverpool. A track written by the artist herself with Canadian Benny Adam and produced by electro duo Banx

"The song Obviously happened while I was doing a seminar in the South of France for my second album, which will be released after Eurovision and will be followed by a tour. I was humming it and it stayed. We wrote it in three nights, because we don't sleep. It was very easy to do, in a good mood, very passionate, even if the note where I sing great France was hard for me", explained the artist at the Parisian after his selection.

Fatima Zahra Hafdi, known as La Zarra, was born on August 25, 1997 in Montreal, Canada. In the columns of Le Parisien, she confides that she comes from a family of seven children, including six girls, born in Quebec to parents who emigrated from the Maghreb. But refuses to give his age. In 2016, she collaborated with Niro on the song Printemps blanc. But before breaking into music, La Zarra worked as a hairdresser. She then moved to Paris.

It was in 2021 that the notoriety of La Zarra exploded with the song Tu t'en iras, which was played repeatedly on the radio and on television. Nominated in the Francophone Revelation category at the NRJ Music Awards 2021, she released her first album, Traitrise, in 2022. The following year, she was appointed by France Télévisions as the French representative at Eurovision 2023, on May 13 in Liverpool, United Kingdom.