Koba LaD indicted for aggravated violence: what happened?


Koba LaD indicted for aggravated violence: what happened?

KOBA LAD. Rapper Koba LaD and three other individuals were indicted for "aggravated violence" after a brawl in a Parisian nightclub on Saturday November 29.

Koba LaD in jail. The French rapper was indicted on Monday for "aggravated violence", like three other individuals, after a brawl in a nightclub in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, Saturday, November 26, reports franceinfo from a judicial source. At around 6 a.m., a fight broke out in and then outside The Key nightclub in the Madeleine district of Paris. According to Le Parisien, the rapper hit another customer in the face with a bottle. After being expelled from the establishment, he allegedly kneed and then kicked the victim on the ground, the scene having been filmed by a witness and relayed on social networks.

Arrested with three other individuals, Koba LaD was remanded in custody. Confronted with videos of the brawl, the rapper "denied hitting with a magnum of champagne inside the nightclub", but "admits having kicked the victim outside", reports Le Parisian. A judicial investigation was opened and the four defendants were presented to an investigating judge on Monday evening.

Koba LaD, whose real name is Marcel Junior Loutarila, was born on April 3, 2000 in Saint-Denis in Seine-Saint-Denis. After starting rap with a group called Seven Binks, he went solo under the pseudonym of Koba LaD, a name inspired by the monkey from the Planet of the Apes saga and "LaD" for "the resourcefulness, the details , la défonce", as he explained to Inrocks in 2018. He made a name for himself thanks to mixtapes, then with a first disc, VII, published in 2018. Two other albums followed, L'Affranchi (2019) and Detail (2020).

Alongside his career, Koba LaD is also talked about for his run-ins with the law, notably in 2020, when the rapper was given a three-month suspended prison sentence for fleeing after causing a traffic accident. Last January, the Marseille prosecutor's office opened an investigation after the broadcast of videos on which the rapper, victim of an attack at Saint-Charles station, before his alleged attacker was in turn beaten and tortured.