Julien Doré at Nouvelle Star: why it really wasn't won


Julien Doré at Nouvelle Star: why it really wasn't won

JULIEN DORE. On the occasion of the twenty years of Nouvelle Star, Julien Doré, winner of season 5, is back on M6.

"I love mustaches, I love lame clothes, I have nerdy parents. That's it." It was with these words that the French discovered Julien Doré, a striped polo shirt under a striped vest, an approximate hairstyle and a dubious cap. We are in 2007, the candidate for season 5 advances before the jurors of Nouvelle Star, made up of Dove Attia, Manu Katché, André Manoukian and Marianne James ukulele in hand, for an (almost) failed casting, which has become cult and even again shot on the occasion of the twenty years of the show, sequence broadcast during the first anniversary bonus, this Wednesday, February 15 on M6.

After a first eviction for not respecting the rules of casting, curtly rebuffed by Marianne James, Julien Doré had finally returned to face the jury to interpret A favor of autumn, then a composition on the ukulele. "He's frosty", slice Marianne James at the end of her audition, which will still have earned her a ticket for the rest of the adventure.

Then opens the New Star adventure of Julien Doré, a somewhat nonchalant candidate, with his southern accent, continuously questionable clothing tastes and finally, these famous barrettes in the hair. But first and foremost, both the public and the jury seem to be seduced by this young artist, whom nothing seems to reach, including the remarks of the jurors. Julien Doré plays with the exercises imposed during the trials of the trios, then allows himself all the extravagances on the bonuses.

On the set of Nouvelle Star, Julien Doré resumes in his own way and transforms improbable songs: Like a Virgin by Madonna, Les Bêtises by Sabine Paturel, or even, of course, Moi... Lolita, by Alizé and imposes his voice signature. "The important thing is this universe that is around you, it's called charisma, the universe, the personality... You can call it what you want, but it's extremely present in every moment . The artist dimension, you have it, so thank you", Manu Katché will launch after a performance. And André Manoukian to add: "this man is a synthesis of the 50 best years of music all by himself." The Nouvelle Star is all found: Julien Doré wins the Nouvelle Star final on June 13, 2007, against Tigane.

After his victory on M6, Julien Doré begins a career which, history will prove, will be one of the most fruitful for an artist from a telecrochet. A favorite of the French public, since Nouvelle Star he has released five albums (Ersatz in 2008, Bichon in 2011, Løve in 2013,