Gods of the Stadium 2020: unadorned naked bodies in the atmosphere of the stadium

DIEUX DU STADE CALENDAR - The 2020 edition of the most sulphurous calendar in the sports world has been released, on sale at a price of 29 euros.

Gods of the Stadium 2020: unadorned naked bodies in the atmosphere of the stadium

DIEUX DU STADE CALENDAR - The 2020 edition of the most sulphurous calendar in the sports world has been released, on sale at a price of 29 euros. The photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti operates a return to the sources with film shots.

[Updated on October 3, 2019 at 11:57 a.m.] Corsican-born fashion and lifestyle photographer Pierre-Ange Carlotti signs the 2020 Stade Gods calendar and immortalizes 17 rugby players in the raw world of the stadium, on film. No more oiled bodies and filters, so back to basics for the calendar produced for the 19th consecutive year by the Stade Français, a rugby union club based in Paris. After the more sophisticated theme of the Gods of Olympus, the athletes are revealed this time without artifice and without alterations in the atmosphere of the stadium, while continuing to raise the temperature. Discover without further delay the photos of the 2020 calendar of the Stade Gods:

Regulars appear at the shoot, such as Clément Daguin, but also Frédéric Michalak after a few years of absence. Also see Sylvain Nicolas, Sofiane Guitoune, Baptiste Couilloud, Pierre-Louis Barassi, Kelian Galletier, Guillaume Galletier, Jean-Marc Doussain, Antoine Dupont, Pierre Fouyssac, Xavier Mignot, Jules Plisson, Yoann Maestri, Djibril Camara, Arthur Bonneval and Ryan Chapuis ...

The Gods of the Stadium 2020 calendar is available for 29 euros. Part of the income is donated to the association "Le Cancer du Sein, Parlons-en!" You can buy it in the shop of the official website of the Dieuxdustade.com or on the Fnac website. For previous editions, go to the Boutique of the Dieuxdustade.com, where their price varies between 26 and 29 euros.

The 2019 Gods of the Stadium Calendar was released on October 4, 2018 under the direction of photographer Ludovic Baron. Kylan Hamdaoui, back of the Stade Français, took part in the photo shoot game. Ludovic Baron carried out 4 days of intense shooting "with 17 models from all over Europe in 12 mounted sets", we could read on his Twitter account. "Recognized for his art of staging and his cinematographic approach to photography, he develops here an unprecedented vision centered on Greek mythology", explains the Stade Français.

The 2018 edition of the Gods of the Stadium calendar was released on September 14, 2017. All the photos in this edition, produced by Errikos Andreou, are decorated with materials reflecting a continuous light streaked with lasers and sometimes filtered with smoke... And if in cover French international rugby union player Maxime Mermoz strikes a pose with an electric ball under blue neon lights and enchanting smoke, on the following pages there are a total of 21 athletes, including the former world champion swimmer and d 'Europe Camille Lacourt and many rugby union and 7s internationals, such as the famous handball players Nikola and Luka Karabatic who were invited to the previous edition of the Dieux du Stade 2018 calendar. Last year, the shooting was carried out by the Greek photographer Errikos Andreou, passionate about fashion. Unlike its previous edition, it had swapped black and white for very colorful photos, a total of 35, with "nightclub-like lights where all the flashy shades of the disco period came to dress the nudity of the sportsmen.

The 21 athletes present in the shoot directed by Errikos Andreou are as follows: New Zealand rugby player Grayson Hart, French rugby players Thomas Combezou, Armand Batlle, Jérémy Aicardi, Arthur Retière, Jean Pascal Barraque, Pierre-Gilles Lakafia, Clément Daguin, Martin Devergie, Terry Bouhraoua, Steeve Barry, Clément Lagain, Maxime Mermoz, Damien Chouly, Djibril Camara and Baptiste Serin, French volleyball player Yannick Bazin, French handball player William Accambray, the two handball brothers Nikola and Luka Karabatic and ex-French backstroke specialist Camille Lacourt.

On the theme of the statues of the Gods of Olympus, the 2017 edition of the Gods of the Stadium was released on September 15, 2016. 5 disciplines are honored in this 16th edition: rugby, handball, judo, biathlon, MMA (Mixed martial arts). On the cover, there is a photo of Terry Bouhraoua, the captain of the France sevens rugby team, whose performance at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio was seen (read our article Who is Terry Bouhraoua?) . 30 athletes, including rugby players from the Stade Français (Djibril Camara, Will Genia and Jonathan Danty), a Montpellier Hérault rugby player (Marvin O'Connor), handball players Nikola and Luka Karabatic, judokas Loïc Piétri and Jeremy Parisi, our famous MMA fighter Sylvain Potard and biathlete Simon Fourcade posed for the lens of Greek photographer Errikos Andreou, who frequently collaborates with fashion magazines like GQ:

> Discover the making-of of the Gods of the Stadium 2017 calendar:

The current 2016 edition features 31 athletes posing outdoors in natural light, in front of the lens of Fred Goudon. The photo of Sylvain Potard, champion of Mixed Martial Arts, a rather unknown combat sport, was like an earthquake. Posing completely naked, his penis visible, with an impressive size, the sportsman has since become very famous. On social networks, many comments have flourished, calling him "Rocco Siffredi disguised as a rugby player" or wondering if we had not abused "the magnifying effect on Photoshop". Former Minister Roselyne Bachelot even called the athlete's sex an "elephant trunk"... Here is the photo in question:

Among the rugby players present in the 2016 edition, we can mention Sergio Parisse, Sofiane Guitoune, Pascal Papé, Fulgence Ouedraogo, Amie Cudmore, Mirco and Mauro Bergamasco, Hugo Bonneval, Antoine Burban, Djibril Camara or Alexis Palisson. Also note the presence of basketball player Florent Pietrus, footballer Jonas Martin, judoka Jérémy Parisi, racing driver Nelson Panciatici and gymnast Jim Zona.

Photographer Fred Goudon once again signs the Gods of the Stadium calendar and offers 40 very aesthetic black and white photos of athletes who do not hide much of their assets, between virility and sensuality. On the cover, Clermont rugby player Morgan Parra poses lasciviously. Inside, you can admire, among others, the brothers Luka and Nicola Karabatic naked in the water, the French rugby fly-half Jules Plisson strikes a pose naked and lying down and the footballer Djibril Cissé poses in white underwear with an unlikely haircut. You can also admire rugby players Pascal Papé and Hugo Bonneval, judoka Loïc Piétri and handball player William Accambray. The Calendar of the Gods of the Stadium celebrated its 15th anniversary for the occasion.

After taking the reins of the calendar in 2006, for the first time, photographer Fred Goudon was back in 2014 for a collaboration that this time lasted four years with the calendar. In an interview with Mondedelaphoto.com, he says that this edition, published on October 3, 2013, was more liberating for him. Contrary to that of 2006 where he had been a little too framed by the artistic direction, he explains that he "had more freedom" and managed to "return to the essence of the Gods of the stadium by bringing out the pin-up side to the male". It thus exposes the nudity of some great sportsmen like Olivier Giroud, Yohan Cabaye and Rio Mavuba, all three players of the French football team, as well as that of the handball player Nikola Karabatic or the boxer Alexis Vastine... The 40 shots black and white and gold and blue by Fred Goudon were made in the studio and at the Jean-Bouin stadium in the 16ᵉ arrondissement of Paris. International second line Alexandre Flanquart had the honor of being chosen for the cover.

Released on October 4, 2012 and orchestrated by the photographer François Rousseau, the 2013 Stade Dieux calendar offers 40 color and black and white photos telling the rest of the epic of the survivors of the apocalypse staged in the calendar of 2012. A former resident of the Crazy Horse, Sophie Hélard, appears there in Eve's outfit at the end to represent a note of hope symbolized by "the allegory of life". In particular, she poses like a Venus out of the water with Morgan Parra, ASM Clermont Auvergne scrum half, Julien Pierre, second line of ASM Clermont Auvergne and Wesley Fofana, center of ASM Clermont Auvergne. Two distinguished guests have agreed to be part of the calendar: footballers Gaël Clichy from Manchester City and Rio Mavuba from Lille, both players of the French football team.

François Rousseau signs the 42 pictures of the 2012 edition published on September 29, 2011 in an atmosphere of "surviving the end of the world". The beautiful youngsters of the oval, who are trying to embark on a boat bound for new horizons, come from the Stade Français for the most part, but also from other clubs in the Top 14, Pro-D2 and Federal 1. There were no big naked stars that year, but a new generation of young players, more or less known, with an advantageous physique. Henry Chavancy of Racing-Métro 92 was one of them. This is what has also raised a controversy: the president of the Colombes club, Jacky Lorenzetti, has made it known through the publication of a mood ticket that he was not happy at all to see his colt in such a suggestive pose: "Henry has been one of our great victories over the past four seasons. His pose in the Stade Français 2012 calendar is a mistake, perhaps from his youth..." The player would have joined the ranks of its president and requested the removal of the photo from the calendar... in vain!

The 2011 Dieux du Stade calendar was released on Thursday, September 30, 2010. Its shooting was once again entrusted to photographer François Rousseau, who had already produced the 2004 vintage. Black and white was abandoned in favor of shots in soft, natural colours. Athletes, with still perfect muscles, are less naked than in previous years but exhale just as much heat. This 2011 version wished to show "naked sportsmen [who] posed with simplicity in elements close to nature". Among the rugby players present, we can mention Dimitri Szarzewski (on the cover), Juan Manuel Leguizamon, Gonzalo Tiesi, Mathieu Bastareaud, James Haskell, Hugo Southwell, Pascal Papé, Mauro Bergamasco, Tom Palmer, but also Maxime Mermoz from Perpignan, Alexis Palisson from Brive, Fulgence Ouedraogo from Montpellier, Joe Van Niekerk from Toulon. On the guest side, the calendar included the handball player Nicolas Karabatic, Olympic Champion and World Champion, and the footballer Adil Rami (Lille, French team).

The Dieux du Stade calendar was created in 2001 thanks to Max Guazzini, the former president of the Stade Français de Paris. Initially, the calendar was exclusively open to rugby players, in order to change the somewhat boorish image of rugby. The calendar met with great success very quickly and thus extended to all disciplines. Today, it is possible to admire the body of athletes in sports such as football, basketball, judo, gymnastics, surfing or car racing. For almost 4 years, these sporty males have offered themselves the malicious pleasure of stripping under the direction of photographer Fred Goudon, for the benefit of charities. The photo shoots in this calendar are always sensual and glamorous.