Freeze Corleone: why his concert in Rennes is banned


Freeze Corleone: why his concert in Rennes is banned

FREEZE CORLEONE. Scheduled at a festival in Rennes, rapper Freeze Corleone was finally banned from performing in March.

Freeze Corleone, Persona non grata in Rennes. The rapper was due to perform in Rennes, at Boomin Fest, on Saturday March 18. But, in a decree published on Tuesday February 28 and relayed by several media including Ouest-France, the city made it known that the "representation of the show given by rapper Freeze Corleone, scheduled for March 18, 2023, is prohibited in the territory of the City of Rennes." Pattern ? The words of the rappers in some of his songs, which had already earned him a number of controversies.

In its decree, the city of Rennes qualifies these remarks as being "genuine provocations and incitement to hatred, even to violence, illegal remarks calling into question the republican values ​​and national cohesion." It is also mentioned "a proven risk of disturbing public order is to be feared in this period and therefore requires the banning of this show." Several associations such as the president of the Breton delegation of the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France (CRIF), had called for the cancellation of this concert.

For the time being, the Boomin Fest festival has not communicated on this cancellation, highlighting, again Monday evening, the programming of Freeze Corleone.

The criticisms against Freeze Corleone and his texts are not new, many Internet users having already pinned him for racism or anti-Semitism. Born on June 6, 1992 in Les Lilas in Seine-Saint-Denis, Freeze Corleone, Issa Lorenzo Diakhaté of his real name, completed his high school in Dakar and lived for some time in Montreal. He became known with his collective, 667, also nicknamed the League of Shadows, which brings together rappers from Lyon, the Paris region and Dakar.

He released his first album, À la recherche de la daillance, in 2010 and began to make a place for himself in the French-speaking rap landscape and imposed drill music from 2016. His last album, La menacephantom, released in September 2020, exploded counters with 5.2 million streams in 24 hours on Spotify. Drugs, money, conspiracy theories... Freeze Corleone's lyrics are regularly controversial. But on YouTube, each of his clips attracts hundreds of thousands of curious people, followers or detractors...