Death of Trugoy The Dove: How did the De La Soul rapper die?


Death of Trugoy The Dove: How did the De La Soul rapper die?

TRUGOY THE DOVE. David Jolicoeur, aka Trugoy The Dove, was a member of De La Soul, a major hip-hop group from the American East Coast. He was 54 years old.

He was a member of the American hip-hop trio De La Soul: Trugoy The Dove, David Jolicoeur, his real name, died at 54, announces the American press. Information confirmed by the specialized site Pitchfork, which was able to question an agent of the rapper. Trugoy The Dove's cause of death has not been made official at this time. However, in recent years he had publicly discussed heart failure, which kept him from touring with Posdnuos and Maseo, the other members of De La Soul, a band that was very popular in the 1980s.

Born September 21, 1968, in Brooklyn, New York to Haitian-American parents, David Jolicoeur grew up on Long Island, where hip-hop trio De La Soul emerged. Between 1989 and 2001, the popularity of the group was no longer to be proven, with six albums, it had become a figure in the alternative hip-hop scene.

Since the news of Trugoy The Dove's death, there have been many tributes on social media, especially in rap. MC Big Daddy Kane wrote, "It was an honor to share so many scenes with you," as rapper Busta Rhymes tweeted his "utter disbelief" at news of the 54-year-old artist's passing. Pharrell Williams sends "love, light and positive vibes to his family, to De La Soul and to anyone whose life has been touched by his existence."