Death of Jean-Louis Murat at the age of 71: what did the singer die of?


Death of Jean-Louis Murat at the age of 71: what did the singer die of?

JEAN-LOUIS MURAT. French author, composer and performer, Jean-Louis Murat has died at the age of 71. The causes and circumstances of his death are unknown.

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French author, composer, performer and actor Jean-Louis Murat died on Thursday, May 25, 2023, his manager announced to France Inter at midday. The singer was 71 years old. For now, the causes and circumstances of his disappearance are not known. Known for songs like Regrets in duet with Mylène Farmer, If I had to miss you, Au mont sans-souci, Roman crowd or I frequented your beauty, he had released a last album in 2020 and was to perform on stage at this occasion, before the covid caused his tour to be cancelled.

Jean-Louis Bergheaud, better known as Jean-Louis Murat, was born on January 28, 1952 in Chamalières, Puy-de-Dôme. Son of a carpenter-joiner, amateur musician and a seamstress, he developed a passion for music at a very young age, learned the saxophone and, as a young adult, did odd jobs. He founded his first group, Clara, with which he performed as the opening act for William Sheller. Murat released his first record in 1981. During his forty-year career, Jean-Louis Murat released 24 albums and enjoyed many years of success. A last best-of album was to be released this Friday, May 26.

Known for his songs, Jean-Louis Murat has also been talked about a lot for his regular rants. "I like it enough that people don't like me," he said, for example, in 2011 at Le Point, a sort of summary of his bloodshed. And to remember: "I never managed to get used to this environment. At the beginning, I had an apartment in Paris, sometimes I mixed up a little, but it was a disaster. I remember once where I ate with the boss of a record company and his big star. I didn't make it past the entrance. I told them: 'I have nothing to do with you, fuck you, at the goodbye, I'm out.'"

Jean-Louis Murat will also have offered the most beautiful tackles in French music. Patrick Bruel, Renaud, Jean Jacques Goldman, Michel Polnareff, Les Enfoirés... Few have escaped his stray bullets. "It's the crisis, the rooms take less risk and prefer to program big idiots like Renaud or Polnareff", he dropped for example on TF1, "PNL is to American rap what Richard Anthony was to Bob Dylan. In other words , a vast and fatal joke" on BFMTV, or even the sexist tirade in Paris Match: "I have rubbed shoulders with a lot of singers who have infused science. But Beyoncé or Rihanna have never written a title. If they don't didn't have guys behind them, they wouldn't be there. Angèle will soon look like a pre-granny and it will be over."

Throughout his life, Jean-Louis Murat will have been very discreet about his private life. Living in the countryside, in Auvergne, far from the cameras, he only released a few details about his love stories and his life away from the stage. At Paris Match, he explained that for him love was a "pledge of personal fulfillment." He adds, about his love past: "Me, as the son of a divorced person, myself multi-divorced, I have only one idea: the couple and fidelity. And each time I have built something thing, everything broke. It's the fourth time, there... But I reassure you, I'm already very much in love. I found my 'princess of the cool', I'm not to be pitied. Life is become a vast field where one should not have too many ideals."