Culture Days Ticketac: the best theater deals can be enjoyed by two!


Culture Days Ticketac: the best theater deals can be enjoyed by two!

GOOD DEAL THEATER. From September 27 to October 3, 2022, on the occasion of Culture Days, the Ticketac online box office offers you the possibility of inviting the person of your choice to the theater. Comedy, one-man show, show for young audiences or classic repertoire: 1 ticket purchased = 1 ticket offered.

The new cultural season has now begun and plays are flourishing in the many Parisian performance halls. To allow you to discover new releases and successful plays at the best price, our partner Ticketac invites you to invite the person of your choice to the theatre.

An unforgettable exhibition at the Quai Branly – Jacques Chirac museum, a caustic one-man show at the Grand Point-Virgule, a musical show for young audiences at the Théâtre de la Gaîté Montparnasse or an exceptional play directed by Philippe Lellouche at the Bouffes Parisiens… there is something for everyone.

To start the autumn under the best auspices, in the continuity of the French Days (a promotional period created on the initiative of 6 major French e-commerce brands), the famous online ticket office Ticketac is launching the first edition of the Culture Days , from September 27 to October 3, 2022. On the program, a selection of unmissable cultural outings to enjoy as a couple, with the offer 1 ticket purchased = 1 ticket free. Discover our top 10 unmissable outings and quickly take advantage of the Culture Days offer:

It's one of the unmissable nuggets of the season… La Machine de Turing, at the Théâtre du Palais Royal, depicts the tragic – extraordinary – destiny of a genius mathematician, father of modern computing. Alan Mathison Turing, British hero of the Second World War, creator of a machine allowing to decipher the coded messages of the Nazis, is found dead at his residence, on June 7, 1954. Persecuted by the English power and condemned for his homosexuality, he committed suicide, aged 41, by biting into a cyanide-soaked apple. Written and performed with mastery by Benoit Solès, this favorite piece was awarded 4 Molières in 2019 (including best private theater show).

Alone on stage in the setting of Studio Marigny, the most famous animator of the French audiovisual landscape delivers without concession, between humor and self-mockery, in a brand new show. Conceived as a dialogue between Michel Drucker, revered star of the small screens and his double, a young journalist straight out of the 70s, From you to me is an opportunity to look back on an extraordinary life, made up of improbable encounters and funny or touching anecdotes. A real hymn to life as funny as it is full of emotions.

Led in 2019 by Gad Elmaleh, Lucie Jeanne and Philippe Lellouche (also directing), Hadrien Raccah's comedy L'Invitation returns to the Bouffes Parisiens in 2022. The story? Urged by his wife Catherine, Daniel, fickle husband (professional lawyer) and inveterate seducer, invites his (false) friend, Charlie, to dinner with whom he is supposed to spend all his evenings... and part of his nights. The evening dreamed up - without a hitch - by Daniel will finally turn into a fiasco.

If Lucie Jeanne (Sous le soleil, Central Nuit…) retains her role, it is a new male duo that we find on the boards this season with Patrick Chesnais and Pascal Légitimus.

Need a relaxing break to fight the autumn gloom? Head to Les Enfants du Paradis, a new cultural venue in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, to (re)discover La Guerre des Sexes, a cult comedy with 800,000 spectators. Signed Pascal Grégoire, this humorous nugget transports you, without downtime, into the daily life of Pierre and Anne-Laure. In a relationship for 5 years, he, an eternal teenager and former animator in a holiday club, and she, a working girl obsessed with her work, want to breathe new life into their sagging libido. To do so, they will call on a nymphomaniac sexologist... The rest on stage!

Ideal for a family outing, fall for Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs at the Théâtre de la Gaîté Montparnasse. The mythical tale is revisited here in a magical musical version with, for the first time in France in a show for children, holograms and video mapping. After the triumph of the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Knights, Princess and Dragons or ADOS, Olivier Solivérès delivers a new nugget for young and old (nominated in 2022 for the Molière du Jeune Public). Most ? The captivating voice of Pierre Arditi in the role of the mirror!

3D decor, robots, humor and lightsabers... awaken your inner Jedi master with Space Wars, at the Michel Theater! Also by Olivier Solivérès, this ultra-dynamic "intergalactic parody" takes the whole family on a crazy story full of adventure. Join Lord Bad Bador's imperial shuttle to meet Princess Sheila, who is trying by all means to escape the soldiers of the Empire. In her journey, she will be able to count on the precious help of her old friend Obione Two Three and her disciple Jean-Luc Walker... Don't miss it!

What's better than a one-man show? A three-men show! Gathered on the boards of the Grand Point-Virgule, in Paris, the three comedians Jérôme Daran (flagship author of Florence Foresti), Alexis Macquart and Stéphane Murat offer you a hilarious show on the quirks of married life. The pitch: Jerome just got a breakup letter from his girlfriend. Determined to win her back, he calls on his two best friends, Alexis and Stéphane, to find THE solution. With more than 1,400 performances on the clock, this crazy play, brilliantly staged by Caroline Cichoz and Thibault Segouin, is a (very) great success.

With a nomination for the 2022 Molières in the "Best Comedy" category, let yourself be surprised by L'embarrass du Choix, the latest successful interactive play by Sébastien Azzopardi and Sacha Danino. The authors of Last Scissors, La Dame Blanche and Around the World in 80 Days achieve a new tour de force by leaving the public the choice to influence the course of the story. Well settled in your armchair at the Théâtre de la Gaîté Montparnasse, you will take control of the play by guiding the actions of the hero. Unavoidable !

If you need a cultural break, go to the Quai-Branly - Jacques Chirac museum with the Dinh Q. Lê exhibition. Through numerous installations combining vernacular photographs, weaving and hybrid images, you are offered a real dive into the work of the Vietnamese visual artist. With meticulousness and perseverance, Dinh Q. Lê honors the insignificant, the left behind, the forgotten in collective memory, from the Vietnam War to the Khmer Rouge, including the unspeakable drama of migrants and the crossing of the Mediterranean.

Take advantage of Culture Days to plan a family outing to the circus! Under the big top of the famous Cirque Bormann, in Paris 15th, a "time travel" awaits you. 100% new, the new creation mischievously mixes the family heritage and the future... Between scenic and sound effects, technical prowess and humour, the circus artists take you into an unreal world where poetry and magic are the key words. Well guarded by the clown of the circus, Augustam, an infernal time machine will resume service when Mr. Lewis, an explorer, will fortuitously come across it. To have !

Discover all the shows and offers of Culture Days from our partner Ticketac and book your tickets quickly! From September 27 to October 3, 1 ticket purchased = 1 ticket offered for performances up to the end of October. The perfect opportunity to discover the novelties of the cultural season and the must-see nuggets of the moment.