Conjunction of the planets 2023: the Moon meets Jupiter this Wednesday, July 12


Conjunction of the planets 2023: the Moon meets Jupiter this Wednesday, July 12

CONJUNCTION OF THE PLANETS. This Wednesday, July 12, 2023 at dawn, the Moon has an appointment with the giant Jupiter. Here is all the information you need to not miss anything of this celestial encounter.

[Updated July 11, 2023 2:24 PM] A new celestial ballet awaits us in the morning sky this Wednesday, July 12. This time, the Moon meets Jupiter between the constellation of Aries and that of the Whale. Visible in the northern hemisphere, this event is an opportunity to admire the two stars side by side before sunrise. However, the Moon and Jupiter are two objects in the solar system very far from each other. Their meeting is only an illusion resulting from their position in relation to the Earth.

To attend this celestial rendezvous, you will have to get up early tonight, in order to take advantage of the last hours of darkness. How to take advantage of the event and successfully observe it? Where will the encounter occur? We tell you all about this astronomical spectacle!

The meeting between the Moon and the giant planet Jupiter occurs this Wednesday, July 12 in the early morning. The stars appear behind the horizon around 2 a.m. and remain visible in the sky until sunrise around 6:15 a.m. You therefore have a good part of the night to admire the spectacle.

If the Moon and Jupiter appear very close during the conjunction, they are nevertheless two objects extremely distant from the solar system. Indeed, more than 778 million kilometers separate them on average. Between the two stars is the planet Mars and the main asteroid belt.

This celestial ballet is visible to the naked eye without any equipment. You can see the Moon accompanied by a bright star-like point. But if you want to observe the two stars in more detail, know that they are close enough to be admired together with a pair of binoculars.

The show starts around 2 a.m. this Wednesday at the eastern horizon. The Moon appears there in the form of a crescent accompanied by the planet Jupiter. Little by little, the duo rises in the sky and ends up disappearing at the end of the night when the Sun makes its appearance.

The conjunction of two stars is a phenomenon in which two or more objects appear side by side when viewed from another object. Generally, this third object is the Earth. It can be a coming together of two planets that we observe in the terrestrial sky, we then speak of planetary conjunction or even the coming together of a planet with our natural satellite, the Moon.

These events are an opportunity for photographers passionate about astronomy to take superb shots of these celestial ballets.

In 2023, a few planetary conjunctions still await us. Reconciliations between the Moon and the planets of the solar system are also on the agenda. Consult the dates of the next ones, so as not to miss these celestial encounters: