Celine Dion sick: how is the singer?


Celine Dion sick: how is the singer?

CELINE DION. Celine Dion's health continues to worry fans after recent revelations about her rare neurological condition.

Since the video, posted on Instagram on December 8, 2022, in which the Canadian diva revealed that she had a rare disease, Celine Dion has again walled in silence. Something to worry more about his many fans, who were able to watch the summary of his career in the documentary Celine Dion, a voice, a destiny, broadcast on Tuesday March 14.

The last news of the singer dates back to Monday, January 30, when, in an interview published by the Journal de Montreal, her sister, Claudette Dion, who gave news of the singer about her illness.

"She did it with aplomb, she explains about Celine Dion's video announcement. I know she held back. It wasn't in crisis, in tears, in distress. She explained what it was." According to Claudette Dion, the singer is currently in Denver, Colorado, "surrounded by specialists."

In the same video, the singer also announced that she must once again cancel concerts from her Courage World Tour in Europe. This tour was scheduled to resume at the end of February 2023 in the Czech Republic. In addition to her concerts, the singer will notably not be present at the Vieilles charrues festival in Brittany, where she was expected on July 13, after the first two cancellations.

According to her website and the latest news from her producers, Celine Dion will therefore be back on stage on August 26, 2023, in Amsterdam. The six concerts scheduled at Paris La Défense Arena in September 2023 are also maintained. For the moment. Until another cancellation?

In a video posted Thursday, December 8 on Instagram, Celine Dion explains that she has a very rare neurological disease, called in English Stiff-person syndrome. A pathology that affects "about one person in a million", as Celine Dion explains in her video and which is translated, in French, by "stiff man syndrome."

This nervous system disorder is characterized (hence its name) by a progressive stiffness of the muscles, especially those of the trunk, which causes, as in Celine Dion, the famous muscle spasms from which she had previously revealed to suffer. This pathology, discovered in 1956, is treated with muscle relaxants, anticonvulsants or anxiolytics. Stiff-person syndrome affects twice as many women as men and the peak incidence is around 45 years old, explains Orpha.net, "the portal for rare diseases."

"The progressive muscular stiffness leads to immobility of the trunk and hips and the gait becomes stiff and particular", is it detailed on the same site.

"Hello everyone. I'm sorry it took so long to update you. I miss you all and can't wait to get on stage to talk to you in person. As you know, I 've always been an open book, but until now I was not ready to talk about what I had to go through", begins the singer Celine Dion in her video, posted in French and English on her account Instagram, this Thursday, December 8, 2022.

And to detail: "I have had health problems for a long time and it is not easy for me to cope with them. Recently I was diagnosed with a very rare neurological disorder, called in English Stiff-person syndrome, which affects approximately one in a million people. We don't yet know everything about this rare disease but we now know that it is the cause of the muscle spasms I suffer from. Unfortunately these spasms affect my daily life, on several levels . I sometimes have a lot of difficulty walking and I can't use my vocal cords as I would like."

In the same video, Celine Dion explains that due to her state of health, she will not be able to go back on stage for her European tour, postponed to early 2023. "It saddens me enormously to have to tell you today that I won't be ready to start my tour of Europe again in February," the singer says. "I love listening to a great team of doctors treating me to make me feel better. And it's my kids who give me the courage and hope to Also, I train every day with my sports medicine therapist to regain strength and stamina to allow me to perform again.

She adds, "Singing is what I've done my whole life and for me to not be able to do it anymore is unimaginable. I miss seeing you, being on stage, performing for you. I always give 100% in my concerts, but right now I'm in no condition to do so. To find you, I have no choice but to focus on my health. And I'm hopeful to to be on the right track."

And to conclude: "I am very grateful to you for all your messages of encouragement on my social networks, your words mean a lot to me and help me a lot. Take care of yourself. Be well. I love you, so much and I I hope very very much to be able to see you again soon. Thank you."

After two first postponements due to the Covid, then to the state of health of the singer Céline Dion, the concert dates in France of the Courage World Tour have been modified several times. However, the production of the diva ensures that the concerts in France announced in the summer and fall of 2023, are maintained (for the moment). Also, Celine Dion will perform at Paris la Défense Arena on September 1, 2, 5, 6, 9 and 10, 2023. However, the highly anticipated date at Les Vieilles Charrues on July 13, also twice postponed, has been canceled.