Booba vs Cyril Hanouna: the recap of a long-lasting quarrel

At war with many personalities, the rapper Booba is the guest of the issue of Complément d'investigation, on France 2, dedicated to the host Cyril Hanouna.

Booba vs Cyril Hanouna: the recap of a long-lasting quarrel

At war with many personalities, the rapper Booba is the guest of the issue of Complément d'investigation, on France 2, dedicated to the host Cyril Hanouna.

Booba, whistleblower. For several months, the French rapper has embarked on a virtual - then legal - crusade against various personalities, influencers and their queen, agent Magali Berdah, rappers like Gims and, one of his latest targets to date , but not least: Cyril Hanouna, the sometimes adored, often criticized host of Touche pas à mon poste, on C8.

For more than a year, Booba has been pinning the troublemaker of the Bolloré media empire on social networks, attacking the one he described, a few months earlier, as a friend. A look back at a quarrel that lasted and made waves, even earning him an invitation in the issue of Complément d’investigation sur Cyril Hanouna:

Between Booba and Cyril Hanouna, it all started, as often, on Twitter, with the sharing of a message from Tristan Waleckx, journalist at France 2, announcing an upcoming issue of Complément d'investigation. The same show broadcast, in September 2022, a magazine entitled Scams, money and politics: the real business of influencers, a fight already led by Booba.

“In a hurry to see that,” the rapper replied to the journalist regarding the upcoming portrait of Cyril Hanouna. Beyond its host, it is Touche pas à mon poste and the show's columnists - including Magali Berdah - that Booba has been attacking for weeks.

After the additional investigation, still on Twitter (Booba was suspended from Instagram), the interpreter of Scarface relayed the resignation of comedian Emmanuel Barré after three columns in C l'hebdo, on France 5, considering itself censored by France Télévisions.

In one of his interventions, on January 21, he attacked Cyril Hanouna and TPMP: "I failed the oral exam. As I was stressed, I gave in. And now, Hanouna has to bathe her cock with Hexomedine three times a day", or "What are they all doing to polish Hanouna's glans? They think that if they rub it enough, there is a genie who will come out and grant their three wishes?", launched the columnist in particular (see the video above).

“Cyril Hanouna, shall we send him a team?” Booba tweeted, regularly accusing Cyril Hanouna and his mafia methods. This is the third act of this media crusade: “Sicile Hanouna, the godfather of Pré-Saint-Gervais”, as evidenced by yet another post on Twitter.

Attacks which pushed Cyril Hanouna to respond to Booba, in a more or less well concealed manner. On the set of TPMP, the host launched last Thursday January 26, without naming the rapper: “If you want to attack me, do like everyone else, attack me on the networks. When you know that you You're in the same city as me, shut up. There are people who are far away, they're being smart. One day in Paris, we'll see how things go."

To which, immediately, Booba replied: "Be a man and say my name. You hang out with thugs but you're not a thug. At 32 you played the PlayStation at mom and dad's house. Don't get lost, Baba You’re not ready.” This was followed by numerous tweets, sharing unflattering video sequences for Cyril Hanouna, attempting to debunk the influential host. “In any case, it’s proof that we are right and that we hit the nail on the head. Strength for this new adventure,” Booba also threatens on Twitter.

The heart of Booba's reproaches to Cyril Hanouna is ultimately that, according to the first, the second protects those he calls "influvoleurs" and promotes their placement of questionable products. Starting with Magali Berdah, who joined TPMP as a columnist in 2018. For her part, the director of the agency Shauna Events, filed a complaint for cyberharassment on the part of the rapper.

Thursday, November 30, at 11 p.m., France 2 broadcasts the long-awaited issue (since it was announced more than a year ago) of Complément d’investigation devoted to Cyril Hanouna, “the new godfather of the PAF.” As at the end of each program, the public channel invites a personality to react to the subject of the evening, in the "red armchairs" of France 2. For his investigation into the star host of C8, Tristan Waleckx, presenter of Complément d' investigation, questioned the rapper Booba, from his home in Miami.

"His quarrel with Cyril Hanouna, his crusade against influencers, his indictment for harassment against Magali Berdah, his fight against the Bolloré media: we went to Miami to ask all the questions to the rapper Booba, guest of the red armchairs of Complément d' investigation", indicated before the broadcast of the show Tristan Waleckx on X (formerly Twitter).