German mother language of many adult problems

simple German texts represent for millions of people in Germany an insurmountable hurdle. Everyday life, you can cope with the often difficult. Are not affected

German mother language of many adult problems

simple German texts represent for millions of people in Germany an insurmountable hurdle. Everyday life, you can cope with the often difficult. Are not affected by far the only migrants.

Berlin (Reuters) - 6.2 million adults in Germany cannot read German properly and write. Of the Affected 52.6 percent, more than half have English as their mother tongue.

The Federal Ministry of education-funded study. The study "LEO 2018 - life, low-Literacy" will be presented this Tuesday in Berlin.

47.4 per cent have an immigrant background and first language learned as English. Of these 2.9 million people, nearly 78 per cent are able to read in their native language, challenging texts and to write.

Low literacy skills

a Total of 7.3 percent of all adults with English as a first language, according to the study, low Reading and writing skills. Of the people with a different language of origin but, with 42.6 percent obvious share way far more, which can be bad to read English and write.

in 2010, had a total of 7.5 million people with low Reading and writing skills - i.e., about 1.3 million more. Federal education Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU), called the decline a "success for our education system," she said.

The parties Concerned are able to read or write individual sentences, but no continuous texts understand, no shorter. The proportions of the written language of low-skilled people, each with English and with other languages as their mother tongue have not changed compared to the previous study.

a Lot of people without a school degree

62.3 percent of those Affected are, according to the study, despite their Reading and writing weakness in employment. More than one in five leave school without any qualifications is low, and a further two fifths only.

Also for those adults who, although they understand the information in the texts, but, nevertheless, not well read, and very flawed, there was a progress. Here, the number of 13.4 million in 2011, decreased to 10.6 million people.

removal of taboos of Reading and writing weakness, and more and better deals for Learn to play according to the Ministry the decline in the numbers of victims a role. Study author Anke Grotlüschen said the dpa, the progress went hand in hand with better school qualifications and a higher labour force participation.

For the study, were interviewed in the summer of 2018, around 7200 English-speaking adults aged 18 to 64 years of age. For the survey people had to speak sufficient English to be able to approximately a one-hour interview follow.

Karliczek said despite the progress made: "politics and society cannot but subside." Just adults the cost is often a lot of courage to face the Problem of Reading and writing difficulties. More attention people with a migration background should be.

utilities for people with low Reading and writing knowledge

Who can't read as an adult and Write properly, in everyday life we often face significant problems. No matter whether it is the right platform to find, or forms in the Job to be completed. A variety of tools and offers can make it easier for Affected everyday life and the path to better Reading and writing skills.

- Smartphones: With the function of Text-to-speech, for example, the phone can read aloud texts, with the help of speech recognition, it assumes the tap. "For many of the functional illiterates that's a relief," says Sandra sheer mountain, a research associate at the Federal Association of literacy and basic education.

- Simple and easy language: On many websites the texts are offered in easy language. These texts were written for people with a mental disability, says a sheer mountain. Therefore, you will not be for people who have problems reading to understand necessarily easier. Simple language is a simplified Version of the standard language. "There is, for example, novels are good to read," explains schier mountain.

reference to persons, or voluntary services: The way to the office or to the doctor can be a challenge if you cannot read the forms or fill. "Here Concerned often have a caregiver that accompanies it," says schier mountain. In addition, there are some volunteer services that offer such support. This is but check in advance.

courses: community colleges and other education providers to allow functional illiterates to improve their Reading and writing skills. The classes are held in small groups with other stakeholders. The groups will remain anonymous.

websites: Concerned find also on the net deals that can assist in learning to read and write. The Federal Association of literacy and basic education refers to, for example, the learning portal of the German adult education Association in

- Telephone consultation: free and anonymous advice to the Federal Association of literacy and basic education about the Alfa Phone number, 0800 - 53 33 44 55.

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