Which house to choose in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy puts you in the shoes of a new student at Hogwarts.

Which house to choose in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy puts you in the shoes of a new student at Hogwarts. Obviously, this implies a small passage by the famous Sorting Hat.

[Updated March 2, 2023 3:45 PM] Receiving his invitation letter to Hogwarts would have been a magical moment for any teenager born in the 90s. J.K. Rowling will have succeeded in creating an entire generation of fans dedicated to the universe of Harry Potter, generation who can now finally realize their dream and join the famous school of witchcraft in Hogwarts Legacy. Today, we're taking a deep dive into the game's house choice system, and telling you which house to choose in Hogwarts Legacy.

When your character takes his first steps in the famous castle of Hogwarts, he must obviously go through the traditional test of the Sorting Hat. This talkative headgear plays an obvious role in your house selection, asking you a few questions to guide its choice. But ultimately, it will be up to you to choose between Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin, as a certain Harry Potter had discovered during his first year at school. Hogwarts Legacy has therefore integrated a short quiz to guide you in your choice, but you will of course have the last word.

Before embarking on your adventure, you should know what the implications of choosing a particular house in Hogwarts Legacy will be. To start, you should know that the impact of the choice of your house does not profoundly modify the main story of the game, apart from a few lines of dialogue here and there. The game intends to offer all students a unique and similar adventure, and there is no question of providing advantages to this or that house. The differences between the four families are based on:

You will therefore need to take these factors into account when talking with the Sorting Hat, especially style, as it is always important in an RPG.

Ultimately, besides the Common Room in your house, which you'll rarely visit in your game, and the colors of your uniform, it's really the characters you encounter that change your gameplay experience. Of course, the story of Hogwarts Legacy is well put together and will make you meet all the students of your age, regardless of their house. But some people will be more present in your adventure if you choose Gryffindor for example. We can notably speak of Garreth Weasley, nephew of the assistant director Professor Weasley, and ancestor of the famous Ronald Weasley, and of Nellie Oggspire, and Cressida Blume. You will also be in the company of the little prodigy of your generation, Natasi Onai, and an important companion in your adventure.

On the Slytherin side, don't expect a house populated by dozens of Draco Malfoys. The students of the house of the snake are as pleasant as their comrades of the other houses, rather showing evidence of often illustrious origins and unfailing ambition. Your comrades will be Ominis Gaunt, Imelda Reyes, and Sebastian Sallow. The latter has a fairly complex and engaging story, which you will have the opportunity to discover as you play. He will accompany you in particular in your dueling club and in other adventures. Note that the Slytherin Common Room is located under the Black Lake, a little extra for the House.

A house celebrating intelligence and curiosity, Ravenclaw is in theory the refuge of little geniuses who prefer total mastery of magic to its pure power. The House of the Eagle will allow you to meet Duncan Everett Clopton, Samantha Dare, and Amit Thakkar. The latter will accompany you in secondary quests and will often make you smile with his crazy and passionate outings. Your Common Room has direct access to the Grand Staircase and will of course require you to solve puzzles to enter.

Hufflepuff is on the same level as its competitors. Its big positive point lies in its yellow and black colors, and especially its emblem of the badger. If the style of your clothing matters to you, Hufflepuff colors tend to synergize best with the gear you find on your adventures. Hufflepuff's Common Room is by far the most original, featuring cozy spaces next to the house-elves' kitchens, and displaying plants by the dozens. You'll meet the likeable Adelaide Oakes, Authur Plummly, and Lenora Everleigh, as well as Poppy Sweeting who has a side quest central to the story.