We finally know when the sun and the heat will return to France - it will be just for the May bridges

For several weeks, the weather has been uncertain.

We finally know when the sun and the heat will return to France - it will be just for the May bridges

For several weeks, the weather has been uncertain. The sun and the heat are desired. Initial forecasts give an idea of ​​when the sunny days will return.

For a week, the cold has returned to France and when the sun comes out for a short period, apart from two exceptional Saturdays in the month of April, the rain often ruins everything. Again this weekend, a few rays of sunshine and a few degrees are being gained, but the rain will return this weekend. Changeable weather and depressing to say the least. So when will spring really take hold in France?

The trends revealed by Météo-France for next week do not bode well. “We expect a generally cloudy week accompanied by rainy periods or showers,” predicts the specialist site. The rain is also expected to last at least until mid-week, particularly in the south-eastern quarter of the country. Very sad news for the French who will still be on vacation (zone B) and those who have planned to take advantage of Wednesday May 1st or even to make a bridge by taking two additional days off. Rain will be everywhere on Wednesday May 1st according to Météo France forecasts. Small consolation prize: temperatures should be closer to seasonal norms.

The Weather Channel confirms that Lily of the Valley Day is likely to be disrupted in both the southeast and northwest. Strong winds and heavy rain are expected in Brittany, but also in the Rhône valley and the PACA region. If it won't freeze, it might feel cool with the wind and rain. A gloomy weather forecast which seems to be very different from last year, when the weather was good and the temperatures fluctuated between 15 and 20 degrees.

No dominant scenario is envisaged by Météo France for the following week. In the trends for the period from Monday May 6 to Sunday May 19, “no dominant scenario currently emerges.” Early maps shown in the 15-day forecast show a cautious mix of sun and rain for the May 8 bridge, reinforced this year by Ascension Thursday on May 9. However, Météo Consult has given some initial forecasts and they are rather reassuring. “The coolness that has settled over the country since April 15 is here to stay. We will even talk about winter feelings in the east next week. We will certainly have to wait until May 6-7 to return to seasonal temperatures and drier weather", summarizes the specialized site.

“The weather should finally start to dry out in this second week of May. This is good news with the great bridge of May 8 and the Ascension”, we can nevertheless read, even if these forecasts remain at confirm. While a few showers will be possible near the hills, the forecast weather should generally be “mild or even warm near the Mediterranean but not excessively” in the week of May 6. We would therefore have to wait until the second week of May to finally have a lasting spring trend. It should even continue into the second part of May, so be patient.