TwitchCon Europe 2023 lands in Paris


TwitchCon Europe 2023 lands in Paris

TWITCHCON. The next edition of TwitchCon will take place in Paris on Saturday July 8 and Sunday July 9. Info, places, guests, we explain everything there is to know about the event.

TwitchCon is a semi-annual event organized by the Twitch streaming platform. After TwitchCon Europe in Berlin (2019) and Amsterdam (2022), the next edition of TwitchCon (2023) is coming to France. This one will take place in Paris at Porte de Versailles on Saturday July 8 and Sunday July 9, 2023. The other 2023 edition will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from October 20 to 22, 2023, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Who will be the guests during this special Paris edition? How do I get the tickets and what is the expected schedule? We'll keep you up to date with the latest information about the next TwitchCon Paris edition.

Like every edition of TwitchCon, the schedule will include guest streamers and content creators, cosplay contests, video game reviews, and various gaming activities. Here you will find all the virtual aspects of Twitch. Your favorite streamers, games, chat friends, cosplayers, artists etc. Included activities and proposed program will be available in English and French. While the TwitchCon version of Las Vegas will be presented exclusively in English. According to previous editions we expect to have conferences, TwitchRivals confrontations, drag shows, games to try on the Exhibitors area.

At the moment there are no tickets on sale yet. But these will soon be on sale. If you want to meet your favorite streamers as well as people with the same interests you don't miss this opportunity. For information, tickets for the last edition of TwitchCon Amsterdam were €108 for both days and €65 for a single day. We'll update you in this article as soon as there's news about the event and when tickets go on sale.

It is not yet known who are the official guests who plan to attend TwitchCon Paris. Since this is the European version of TwitchCon you can expect your favorite streamers residing in France and Europe to be able to attend. We'll let you know when there's an announcement.

The last edition of TwitchCon in Amsterdam brought together a number of 14.5k Twitch users, a 65% increase compared to the 2019 version which took place in Berlin. If you live far from Paris no worries because Twitch offers discounted reservations for fans wishing to attend the European TwitchCon. The platform is already inviting those interested in TwitchCon EU and TwitchCon NA to seek accommodation so that they can fully enjoy the event.