This Lidl game allows you to win a car! What conditions?


This Lidl game allows you to win a car! What conditions?

LIDL DELUXE GAME. For the holidays, Lidl is relaunching the edition of its flagship end-of-year game, in partnership with products from its Lidl Deluxe range. And this year, a car is up for grabs!

The end of year celebrations are approaching and the first gifts are there... in many stores including Lidl. The hard discount supermarket chain launched this December 7, 2022 the new edition of its end-of-year game Lidl Deluxe which allows you to pocket new prizes. This year Lidl notably promises to reward the lucky winners with two Mini Cooper cars, car insurance included. These two vehicles represent the jackpots of this game open to customers of Lidl supermarkets.

Among the other lots, there are 35 iPhone (model not communicated) and 35 iPad but also many vouchers. To participate, you must register online then fill in a code to be found on each Lidl receipt for purchases of more than 30 euros. Please note that one condition must be met: that of having purchased a product from the Lidl Deluxe range in this shopping basket for a minimum of 30 euros.

To participate, in addition to having completed this full amount of shopping for a minimum of 30 euros with a Lidl Deluxe product included, all you have to do is go to the Lidl website, register by entering an e-mail address and then enter the code on your receipt. 22 characters must be entered without spaces or dashes before confirming via the "I validate" button. You will thus be guaranteed to participate in the draw.

Please note that the Lidl Deluxe contest is limited in time. If it started on December 7, 2022, it will end on January 3, 2023. A customer can participate as many times as they wish, provided they provide the references of a different receipt each time. More than to try your luck.