This is the new minimum amount to earn to retire

The news went somewhat unnoticed.

This is the new minimum amount to earn to retire

The news went somewhat unnoticed. Some employees are affected.

This is a thorny question as the file is complex. Thinking about your retirement is not always easy even if digital tools now allow you to have a clear overview of your situation. If the legal age of departure is on everyone's mind, other equally determining parameters, but sometimes unknown, must also be taken into account.

The possibility of retiring is based on a simple principle (but not the most obvious): it is not in relation to the number of days that one has worked that one can retire but in relation to the money we earned. So, two people working for 40 years may not have the same rights.

To be eligible to receive retirement, you must have validated a certain number of quarters. 172 in the vast majority of cases. The validation of these quarters is only done according to the remuneration received because it is based on the employee's contributions. However, since January 1, the minimum amount to be received to validate a quarter must be greater than in 2023.

Thus, to validate a quarter for the year 2024, you must have earned at least 1120 euros net during the year (1747.50€ gross). To validate the four quarters of the year, 5270 euros net (6990€ gross) must be collected in one year, or 439 euros per month. This obviously does not call into question the quarters validated in previous years since the calculation was then carried out on lower bases. What has been acquired remains acquired.

Compared to 2023, you must therefore earn 180 euros net more per year, or 15€ more per month to be sure to continue validating your quarters. This increase of 3.36% follows, as is the rule, the increase over one year in the level of the minimum wage. This will therefore change again in 2025.

Given the amounts, this does not concern most workers but rather people in one-off jobs, such as temporary workers or part-time students in particular. Depending on the remuneration received, you will therefore have to either work a little more or ask for a salary increase so that these jobs are taken into account in the retirement calculation and allow you to retire a little earlier.