These two cheeses can make you seriously ill and should not be eaten

Listeria alert.

These two cheeses can make you seriously ill and should not be eaten

Listeria alert. The Entremont brand recalls two contaminated Comtés sold in slices or grated, almost everywhere in France.

Leclerc, Intermarché, Carrefour, Auchan, Monoprix, Casino or even Cora, all these supermarkets, wherever they are on French territory, are likely to have sold them. This Thursday, April 18, the Entremont brand launched a cheese recall. Two counties are affected. They are contaminated with listeria. This is a bacteria that can cause listeriosis, a rather serious food infection that can cause death in the most serious cases.

The first cheese in question is an Entremont Comté presented in a tray of eight slices weighing 120 grams in total, indicates Rappel Conso. It was marketed between February 8 and April 8. Its minimum durability date is April 8, 2024. But to be sure, the best thing is to check the reference of your tray and the batch numbers. The problematic cheese has the reference number 3123930617777. The lot numbers are 7440408-02 or 7440408-03.

The second problematic cheese is also Comté, but sold grated in two bags of 70 grams each. Marketed between February 9 and April 8, it has the reference 3123930771004, specifies Rappel Conso. Affected lot numbers are 7440408-05 or 7440408-06. Its minimum durability date also runs until April 8, 2024. "People who have consumed the products mentioned above and who present with fever, isolated or accompanied by headache, and body aches, are invited to consult their treating physician by notifying him of this consumption", indicates Rappel Conso on its site, while inviting consumers to return the products to the store or destroy them.