The WhatsApp trick to write in colors: here's how

WhatsApp offers many writing features, but one fun feature is missing: colors.

The WhatsApp trick to write in colors: here's how

WhatsApp offers many writing features, but one fun feature is missing: colors. Fortunately, to write in color, there is a simple trick. Here's how to implement it.

Text chats are useful, but more and more people think they should also be entertaining. On old computer mail systems, many remember many decorative features that are gone today.

Regarding the different text colors, we do not see many in current applications. However, if you want to write in color on WhatsApp, there is a simple trick through an external application. The application to write in color on WhatsApp is called Stylish Text. But this trick only works on Android smartphones because the app in question is on the Play Store and not the iPhone App Store.

The app is called Stylish Text. Start by downloading the app from the Play Store, then wait for it to install successfully on your phone. Don't forget to give the app the necessary permissions, if asked. Once the installation is complete, open Stylish Text. There you will find plenty of options for colorful texts and even fancy designs. Type where it says "Write here" and compose your message by adding the decoration of your choice.

Next, click on the WhatsApp icon next to the style you have chosen, and in the next window, select the contact or group you want to send it to.

Confirm and the message will be sent. Users in this chat will see it in color, like you, but only if they have Android (it will appear basic to iPhone users). Also, some functions of Stylish Text are available without leaving WhatsApp. In the chat where you're writing, highlight the text and click "Stylish Text" to see the quick options.

If you don't want to install Stylish Text, there is already a small color function integrated into WhatsApp: it is colored texts in Status Updates (stories), which offers more freedom than usual. In this case, the colors are available on both Android and iPhone, as they are already integrated into the app. So, open WhatsApp, whether on Android or iPhone, and go to the "Status" tab at the top.

Start creating a status as usual. When you want to add text, click on the T-shaped icon: in addition to the usual space to write, you will see a long color bar on the right. This is the color selection bar that allows you to change the color of the text. Try it by writing something and then swiping your finger across the different shades available: the text will change color each time.

Remember that depending on whether the button with the A at the top is on or off, you have two choices: Colored text with no background, where the color is applied directly to the letters, but this may not show well on some Pictures ; or Colored text with a colored background, where a color is applied to the letters and also to a small rectangular background around it. The background color is automatically set by the application and cannot be changed, but it will always ensure good legibility of the letters.