The MacBook Air M1 loses several hundred euros at Fnac


The MacBook Air M1 loses several hundred euros at Fnac

MACBOOK. Launched at just over 1,000 euros when it was released, the MacBook Air M1 benefits from a big promotion at Fnac with a take-back bonus of your old device of 120 €.

Fnac is once again offering one of the best prices on the MacBook Air M1. This high-end laptop currently has an excellent promotion on the brand's website. Usually available for 1199 euros, the MacBook Air M1 has already seen its price drop to 999 euros in recent months. An already very interesting saving, but which does not stop there!

Fnac is currently offering an enhanced trade-in offer on the MacBook Air M1. What does this mean concretely? By returning your old computer to the store, you will have its initial trade-in value but also 120 euros bonus! Enough to drastically lower the price of the MacBook Air M1.

The MacBook Air M1 has serious assets to establish itself as an excellent everyday laptop. Whether you're a student, an on-the-go professional, or simply someone who needs a reliable, lightweight computer, you can count on the Apple M1 chip. This component created by the firm allows the MacBook M1 to follow you effectively in all your daily tasks, even the most resource-intensive. If MacBooks with the M2 chip are more efficient than those equipped with the M1 chip, these two machines nevertheless remain extremely efficient on a daily basis for all your usual tasks.