The Mac, the best ally for work, studies and leisure

Impeccable design and top-flight performance: the Mac is considered a computer reserved for a very specific type of user.

The Mac, the best ally for work, studies and leisure

Impeccable design and top-flight performance: the Mac is considered a computer reserved for a very specific type of user. However, it is a computer capable of adapting to all situations. In the office, as on the benches of the university or for watching series, everyone can take advantage of a Mac.

The Mac, a computer for everyone

Do you want to switch to Mac? Apple computers are true high-tech jewels. Their design lines hide high-performance components served by a simple and instinctive use. If you've never used a Mac, don't worry, setting up the computer is a snap. With your Mac, the startup is fast and the speed of execution impressive, whatever the software. For professional, school or family use, you can also take advantage of Microsoft 365, the Windows office suite: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many others are available in versions optimized for use on Mac. And the funding in all of this? Boulanger offers you to pay for your new MacBook Air M1 from €1 per day.

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Getting started with the Mac is extremely simple. Transferring files and configuring settings are done in a few clicks. If you ever run into any difficulties or need guidance, Apple Support is here to help. But those aren't the only benefits of switching to Mac:

Macs are powerful computers that you can take anywhere. Thanks to their high autonomy, they allow you to work or play wherever you want.

Apple quality allows you to be accompanied for many years by a powerful computer. Regular and free updates ensure optimal operation.

One of the big differences between a Mac and a PC is the ability of Apple models to protect you against viruses and malware. You also have the option of calibrating your shares, setting up locking and unlocking with a password or Touch ID, fingerprint identification.

The Mac is the ideal computer for creating a comfortable digital environment with your iPhone. You can move from one device to another while enjoying the synchronization of your apps. Have you started writing a text or email on your Mac? Continue this task on your phone. You can even take calls on your Mac while working. From your phonebook to your calendar to your photos: everything is in sync. And if ever you do not have WiFi available, AirDrop allows you to share your content between the two devices.

So that everyone can find the Mac that meets all their requirements, Apple has developed several laptops and desktop computers:

Super thin, super light and already very powerful, the MacBook Air is perfect for classic use at home or for students. Word processing, video watching, Internet searches, document storage and even gaming: this laptop meets all common requirements. You now have two options: the MacBook Air M1 with 13.3-inch Retina display and up to 2TB storage or the MacBook Air M2 with 13.6-inch Liquid Retina display. Its maximum storage capacity remains the same. Apple's latest creation, the M2 chip is 1.4 times more efficient than the M1 model. Compared to older Intel processors, it's 15 times faster. It also knows how to make a difference in terms of energy use, much less on common tasks.

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As its name suggests, the MacBook Pro is the ideal option for use in a professional setting. There, you have three options. MacBook Pro M2 with 14.2 or 16.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR display and up to 8TB storage. The MacBook Pro M2 Pro retains these features and combines them with a CPU with up to 12 cores and a GPU with up to 19 cores. As for the MacBook Pro M2 Max with 13.3-inch Retina display, there is an incredible speed of execution thanks to the unified memory reaching 96 GB.

With the M2 chip, the MacBook Pro has a FaceTime HD 1080p camera with 3 microphones and a sound system consisting of 4 or 6 speakers equipped with Spatial Audio technology.

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Apple has also developed models to be installed for sedentary use. Ultra thin, the iMac integrates an M1 chip behind its 24-inch screen. The 8-core CPU can be paired with either a 7 or 8-core GPU. The unified memory can reach 16 GB, and the storage, 2 TB. With Apple, forget the large towers to combine with a screen, the central units are compact. Ultra thin, the Mac Mini is boosted by an M2 or M2 Pro chip. More cubic, the Mac Studio is equipped with an M1 Max or M1 Ultra chip. While the iMac is fine for home use, the other two models are recommended for professional use.

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Switching to the Mac is within everyone's reach. These high-performance computers are available in several versions so that each user can find the model that meets their requirements. With the Microsoft 365 Windows office suite available among apps, nothing really can stand up to the Mac.

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