The ABC of Heat Pumps (aka Heat Pumps)

PAC, for insiders, means Heat Pumps.

The ABC of Heat Pumps (aka Heat Pumps)

PAC, for insiders, means Heat Pumps... For others, here is a small glossary to help you learn more about these ecological and economical heating and air conditioning systems.

P for Heat pump: it is a heating and hot water production system that captures heat coming from the ground, air or groundwater free of charge, and increases it to return it to a higher temperature in the house. Some so-called reversible systems also work in reverse, capturing the heat from the inside to reject it outside.

A for aerothermal: this is the name for heat pumps that draw heat from the ambient air.

G for geothermal: this is the name of the heat pumps which recover heat from the ground, thanks to a network of buried sensors, or in the water of a tablecloth thanks to a borehole.

R as reversible. Do not confuse reversible heat pumps and air conditioners. These ensure a moderate drop in temperature of around 3 to 4% less than outside. They are more intended to cool the room.

E for domestic hot water: some heat pumps have the dual capacity of heating and hot water production. When the heat pump is not working, in summer for example, an electrical resistor takes over to ensure the supply of domestic hot water.

C for tax credit. If you equip your main residence, completed more than 2 years ago, with certain heat pumps, you can, under certain conditions, benefit from financial aid such as a tax credit, 5.5% VAT or a zero-rate loan. Find out more at