Tax deadline 2023: here is the calendar for filing your tax return


Tax deadline 2023: here is the calendar for filing your tax return

TAX DATE. The 2023 tax filing schedule is out. Paper, online... All the deadlines to know.

[Updated March 17, 2023 at 2:19 p.m.] As every year, the arrival of spring rhymes with tax declaration. And despite the introduction of the withholding tax four years ago, you will not escape it. Indeed, you will have to complete your tax return again, or check the information pre-filled by the tax authorities in your automatic declaration. Note that the dates to remember have already been communicated by the tax authorities for this 2023 edition. The sending of pre-filled declarations will extend from April 6 to 25, 2023. The opening of the online declaration service , it will open its doors on April 13, 2023. Also, we advise you to pay close attention to the deadlines after which it will no longer be possible to declare your income. An oversight that could cost you dearly with a financial penalty. Here is the schedule of deadlines:

Taxpayers who use the paper form should have until midnight May 22, 2023 to submit their tax return, postmarked, regardless of their place of residence. The deadline is therefore the same for everyone. As a reminder, only taxpayers who do not have Internet access or who do not have the capacity to use digital tools can still use the paper form. Internet tax filing is now mandatory.

To declare online, you must connect to your private space with your tax number and your password. If you do not yet have a password, enter your tax number, your online access number and your reference tax income. You will find these identifiers on the tax return received in April (tax number and online access number) and on the tax notice received in August N-1 (reference tax income).

If you have forgotten your tax number or your password, on the authentication screen, the procedures allow you to recover your identifiers.

Once authenticated, select the "Declare my income" service. Your online declaration will be pre-filled with information known to the administration. All you have to do is verify your marital status, your address and the pre-filled amounts. You can correct them if necessary. Then, you will complete the other income you have received and the charges, reductions or tax credits to which you are entitled. Don't forget to sign your online declaration for it to be taken into account.

The deadline for online taxes on depends exclusively on your department number. In total, three zones have been determined by the tax authorities. Here are the deadlines that applied in 2022, and which should also apply in 2023 within a few days: