Summary of More beautiful life episode 4638 of October 13, 2022


Summary of More beautiful life episode 4638 of October 13, 2022

MORE BEAUTIFUL LIFE. In episode 4638 of Plus belle la vie on Thursday, October 13, 2022, the police officer took far too many risks. Summary.

In Plus belle la vie episode 4638 on October 13, facing a depressed Mirta, Leo promises to find his daughter. He then asks Agathe to act, but the latter thinks above all of fleeing. Leo asks her to stay focused on the goal and promises to get her released if she brings down Pavel. They carry out their plan: she enters Pavel's house, passes him, but the mobster notices her nervousness. She justifies her by saying that she is afraid of going back to prison. Pavel also goes through with his plan by briefing three prostitutes who are going to pretend to work for the Department of Justice.

At the same time, the prosecutor summoned Jean-Paul and Ariane to find out where they stand. But Revel is more concerned about his appointment with the chief of staff of the Minister of Justice. In this episode of Plus belle la vie, Leo understands that Revel is Pavel's target and asks him not to change his plans, and to let him know when she finds Luna in the building. Revel enters Pavel's villa thinking of meeting the Minister of Justice and is installed in a living room. A cup with a dose of GHB is served to him. Meanwhile, Agathe explores the floor. Outside, hiding in his car, Leo is worried about not receiving any news from her. In the mansion, she found Luna and slapped her to wake her up. But she doesn't want to leave. Outside, a henchman of Pavel points his gun at Leo's back.

Finally, in episode 4638 of Plus belle la vie broadcast on October 13 on France 3, Laetitia arrives in the teachers' room who gives her an icy welcome. She complains to Rochat not to have been congratulated for her inspection but, overwhelmed with work, he is of no support to her. A little later, she is moved to see that her colleagues have in fact prepared a surprise appetizer for her. Rochat announces to him that he has applied for permanent tenure from Scotto. Laetitia bumps into a woman who is going to apply to be a maid at the Zéphyr. She promises him that the Zephyr will bring him luck.