Subject of the test "Humanities, literature and philosophy" at the baccalaureate: what to expect in 2023?

BAC HLP 2023.

Subject of the test "Humanities, literature and philosophy" at the baccalaureate: what to expect in 2023?

BAC HLP 2023. The "Humanities, Literature and Philosophy" test at the baccalaureate takes place either Monday, March 20 or Tuesday, March 21, 2023. Are you ready?

The 2023 baccalaureate begins Monday, March 20 and with it its share of stress and crumpled paper. Terminale students will discover the joys of exams and the joy of discovering subjects with specialty writing. The specialty test "humanities, literature and philosophy" (HLP) is one of the major recent novelties of the baccalaureate. The tests are fixed for Monday March 20 for some and Tuesday March 21 for others.

The HLP specialty is a training in the field of letters, philosophy and human sciences. During the course, it is provided by two professors who each teach literature and philosophy. In this specialty, high school students study four major questions of humanistic culture: the power of speech, representations of the world, the search for the self, the humanity in question. But only the themes dealt with during the final year, namely the "search for the self" and "the humanity in question" are evaluated on the day of the 2023 baccalaureate test. To seduce high school students, philosophy, sometimes shunned , has been extended in this specialty by broader questions of literature and humanities.

The HLP specialty test requires specific skills, perhaps less academic than in other subjects. The student is expected to be consistent with the general spirit of the "humanities, literature, philosophy" teaching, to show attention, analysis, reflection and interpretation throughout the course. year... And even more on the day of the event. In fact, the texts that are proposed on D-Day require clear and rigorous problematization and argumentation. It is important to bear in mind that there can be several interpretations of the same text.

Most important during the final HLP exam is to demonstrate personal, progressive, and orderly thinking using specific references and examples. If it is therefore appropriate to source and support his words on the text, mental gymnastics proves to be just as important.

The subjects of specialty humanities, literature, philosophy are, as the very name of the test may suggest, quite dense. For the first session of the baccalaureate HLP specialty test last year, high school students had two subjects to choose from. The first subject was on "l'affaire narcisse", a poem by Pierre Albert-Birot (1926), with an exercise itself divided into two parts: a literary interpretation starting from the reading of the poem in the light of its title, then a work on a more existential question: "To know oneself, is it to discover oneself as a "unique piece"". The second was an excerpt from the novel "History and Truth" by Paul Ricoeur (1965). For this topic, the first part was a philosophical interpretation from the text: "According to the author, what explains the permanence of violence in history?". The second part was a literary essay question on "Are literature and the arts born of men's 'appetite for catastrophe'?". Discover the details of the subjects of the two days of tests thanks to our partnership with Studyrama, with direct access to the official copies.

The answers to the HLP specialty test, offered by our partner Studyrama, are produced by an associate professor.

Answer keys for the HLP specialty exam on Wednesday, May 11:

Answer keys for the HLP specialty exam on Thursday, May 12:

In France, the HLP test takes place according to the invitations on Monday March 20 or Tuesday March 21, 2023, between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.

The results of the HLP specialty test will be available on July 4, at the same time as the results of the other tests (French, philosophy and grand oral). The fact that specialty courses are assessed earlier does not affect the publication of results.