Samsung Galaxy S22: a shock promo -45% on the smartphone


Samsung Galaxy S22: a shock promo -45% on the smartphone

SAMSUNG GALAXY S22. The high-end phone from Samsung is currently benefiting from a big -45% price drop on the Rakuten site. It is available now for the final price of €692.

You don't have to look far to find promotions on the Samsung Galaxy S22. The high-end phone from Samsung often benefits from good offers, especially since the release of its successor. If you're looking for a premium phone at a mid-range price, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra might just appeal to you!

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may have been released over a year ago, but it still remains one of the most powerful smartphones when it comes to photography. With a good battery life and good performance in your applications, the S22 Ultra will satisfy many users, especially since its regular price drops.

Note that the latest Samsung Galaxy S23 is also available at multiple specialty retailers. The latest phone from Samsung may be newer, but it also benefits from great promotions. However, you will find the latter at a higher price than the Galaxy S22.

The Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 and S22 Ultra will have benefited from a few weeks of pre-orders with nice bonuses. They are now officially available in stores, and you can find them at several specialized merchants such as Fnac or Amazon. Samsung is known to quickly sell off its new products, and the S22 will not have deviated from this rule. It is now possible to find the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 and S22 Ultra on sale at certain merchants.

Stock shortages on the Samsung Galaxy S22 had started to appear on certain models when pre-orders opened. There is no doubt that these new smartphones quickly caused a sensation among the Samsung community! The S22 Ultra is still a great phone today, often compared to the bigger models recently released.

Samsung reiterates the same strategy for the Galaxy S22 as with its predecessor. The firm took advantage of its conference to unveil not one, but three different models of Samsung Galaxy S22. These have different sizes and characteristics in order to satisfy a wide range of users, as is often the case with this type of launch. The three models offered are:

The Samsung Galaxy S22 looks a lot like the previous Galaxy S21 released last year. However, it is distinguished by a better processor, the Exynos 2200. The latter will allow you to play many games in maximum quality, while monitoring the level of your battery.

The Galaxy S22 also has three photo sensors for its rear side. A 50 Mpx main, a 12 Mpx Ultra Wide Angle, and a 10 Mpx telephoto lens. Samsung thus provides one of the best experiences for taking day and night shots.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is very close to the classic model. It differs from its counterpart only by a few small adjustments, in particular at the level of its battery which is 4500 mAh (compared to 3700 for the classic S22). The autonomy of the S22 will therefore be slightly better than that of the basic version of the phone. The other big difference of the S22 lies in its size. The Samsung Galaxy S22 has a 6.6" screen (compared to 6.1" for the S22). This format is more "classic", and will be more suitable for a majority of users.

Regarding the S22 and S22, the design of the phone is quite similar to its predecessors. The S22 Ultra is, meanwhile, equipped with a curved screen, and above all with a case dedicated to storing the S-Pen pen, which was notably missing from the brand's latest foldable phone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. This choice is particularly reminiscent of the old range of Galaxy Note which had the particularity of being easy to use with a stylus.

But that's not the only difference the Galaxy S22 Ultra has over its smaller siblings. The latter also has a better battery (5000 mAh) which will allow you to last between a little more than a day and a half depending on the manufacturer.

The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra also stands out from the other two models. It has a Quad HD display, and a large size of 6.8". So you will have to appreciate large phones to take full advantage of the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is also equipped with a second Telephoto photo sensor capable of optically zooming up to x10! The latter will allow you to take nice shots on your zoomed scenes. Beyond the x10 optical zoom, it's a digital zoom that will take over, but at the expense of quality.

Samsung will therefore not have planned a “low cost” model, as Apple had tried with its iPhone mini. The sign had to look at the sales of these, which proved to be quite disappointing for the firm at the apple. Note that it is always possible to find the official announcement of the various Samsung Galaxy S22s on YouTube.

The Samsung Galaxy S22, S22 and S22 Ultra were officially unveiled at the "Galaxy Unpacked" conference on February 9, 2022. These brand new smartphone models are now available! The Samsung Galaxy S22s were officially released on February 25, 2022 for the Ultra model and on March 11 for the classic version and the S22.

Samsung took advantage of its "Galaxy Unpacked" conference to reveal a lot of information about the new Samsung Galaxy S22. Among the latter, we find in particular the characteristics of smartphones, but also their base price for their launch.

These new smartphones are therefore always positioned at high-end prices. Note that the prices indicated may change depending on the storage space you need.

Despite all the efforts made to keep the Samsung Galaxy S22 secret, the firm has not succeeded in preventing numerous leaks from spreading on the web. Several pieces of information were therefore already known before the official announcement, and confirm the excellent characteristics of the three new Galaxy S22s:

Samsung is one of those manufacturers capable of offering their own in-house processors. The S21 was notably equipped with the Exynos 2100 chip with excellent performance that can compete with Snapdragon processors. It seems that the firm wants to continue in this momentum since our European models still have a homemade chip.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 are therefore all equipped with an Exynos 2200 processor. The latter, if it has excellent results on the various specialized tests, however seems a bit behind compared to the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 unveiled there. a few months old. However, it will be necessary to wait for new tests on the marketed versions of the S22 Ultra to be fixed.

The first leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S22 already showed a great resemblance to its predecessor! We find there in particular a photo block placed on the side as well as a front sensor placed in the center of the screen and not directly placed under the screen as is already the case on the brand's foldable phone, the Z Fold 3.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra differs a little more from its classic counterpart by offering an original P-shaped photo block. The latter also has an additional photo module dedicated to the telephoto lens. The edges of the S22 Ultra also differ from the other two models since they are more rounded in order to leave more room for the screen. The latter is in particular fully compatible with the use of the Samsung S-Pen stylus which is directly available with the smartphone.

Four colors are available for the Samsung Galaxy S22. The first two models (S22 and S22) are available in Rose Gold, Green, White and Black. The Samsung S22 Ultra replaces the Rose Gold color with an exclusive Burgundy red. These colors are all available on the official Samsung website as well as at specialist retailers.

Regarding the screen of the Galaxy S22, they are divided into two distinct categories: on the one hand the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 have a Full HD panel while the S22 Ultra is equipped with a QHD panel. All three screens, however, are equipped with screens capable of displaying an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate. The latter will allow you to benefit from a great fluidity during your games and applications, while saving your battery when necessary. Regarding the sizes relating to the screens, these evolve according to the desired model:

The current generation of Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 has three photo sensors of 12, 12 and 64 MP respectively. Only the S21 Ultra stood out with four dedicated sensors (12, 108, 10 and 10) for wide angle, ultra wide angle and telephoto. The Samsung Galaxy S22 offered new sensors with a main switch to 50 Mpx. The smartphone thus follows the following model: