Roborock robot vacuum cleaners, the solution to forget about housework

In recent years, connected devices have revolutionized our lifestyles.

Roborock robot vacuum cleaners, the solution to forget about housework

In recent years, connected devices have revolutionized our lifestyles. Smart watches, programmable heating and shutters or even remotely controlled lighting: everything becomes easier. Latest advance to date, robot cleaners making us completely forget the chore of cleaning. Spotlight on these devices offering us a sparkling interior without having to lift a finger, and more particularly on Roborock, one of the specialist brands.

Many brands of automatic household robots exist, but Roborock has become a real reference in recent years. Founded in 2014, the company continues to innovate in order to always stay one step ahead of its competitors and offer products that make our daily lives easier. The goal: to allow users to spend less time bricking their interiors to have more free time for hobbies or sharing with family.

If Roborock is so successful, it's because the company develops effective and easy-to-use products. Intelligent robot vacuum cleaners are at the heart of the developments, but the catalog also has other clever products with a formidable action against dirt, such as the Dyad device. At first glance, it looks like a classic stick vacuum cleaner. It is in fact a vacuum cleaner, the only one in the world to be equipped with a double motor supplying several brushes. This allows it to leave a spotless floor in one pass.

This focus on innovation is also found on the powerful H7. This model brings the stick vacuum into a new era with a runtime of up to 90 minutes, a magnetic base to store accessories in the blink of an eye and a quick charge of 2.5 hours. Carpets, upholstery, beds are thoroughly cleaned with up to 160AW suction power. Equipped with a HEPA filter, it captures 99.99% of particles such as dust mites, pollen, mold and other cat and dog dander.

Latest product that can make cleaning easier for you: the Auto-Empty dock. More than a charging space for the brand's robot cleaners, it is an automatic emptying station. Compatible with the S7, it allows you to stay up to 6 weeks without intervening on your vacuum cleaner while enjoying optimal efficiency. Once back on its base, the vacuum cleaner dumps its dust into the storage space located on top of the base.

Did you know ?

According to a study published in 2020, the French spend 2h38 every week doing household chores. Over a year, that's more than 150 hours wasted bricking your interior!

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Hailed by the Innovation Awards at CES 2020 (Consumer Electronic Show) and the Design Awards the same year, the S5 Max is a real concentrate of technology with modern and elegant lines. A formidable vacuum cleaner, it is also equipped with a precise water distribution control system. Day after day, it cleans floors using only the right amount of water for each surface. Throughout its course, it will apply even pressure on the floor so that the last surface washed is as clean as the first. By precisely mapping your interior using LiDAR technology, the S5 Max and its processor determine the optimal route to clean each room as quickly as possible without missing any nooks and crannies.

The application allows you to define anti-washing zones and prohibited spaces. The little ones can leave building bricks and doll accessories lying around in their play area, if you wish, the S5 Max will not venture there... Many settings can be adjusted for tailor-made cleaning. The application makes it possible, for example, to determine the quantity of water to be used for each cleaning area. The S5 Max thus goes from the immaculate parquet floor of your living room to the stained tiles of the entrance or the kitchen with an always impeccable result.

Technical things to know about the Roborock S5 Max:

The latest from Roborock, the S7 pushes the boundaries of automatic cleaning even further with a sonic vibration mop system combined with lift technology. Unveiled at CES 2021 in January, this robot incorporates a mop capable of scrubbing the floor up to 3,000 times per minute. Water is combined with sonic vibrations for deep cleaning. Even dried-on stains and caked-on particles are dislodged and vacuumed. A true benefactor for the quality of your indoor air, the S7 and its new technology capture 99.9% of allergens and bacteria.

Sonic vibration technology transforms robotic mopping, which is also smart because it lifts when it detects carpet – this combination has the trademark VibraRise™ designation. It thus becomes possible to combine cleaning of the floor and vacuuming of fiber coverings in a single program. It is thanks to the ultrasonic recognition of carpets that this robot can achieve this feat. Use via the application remains intuitive and easy to set up and is served by precise mapping of up to 4 floors. Time of cleaning, recording of your preferences, choice of the intensity of the passage of the mop and real-time monitoring of the path of the robot are on the program.

On the suction side, the S7 relies on HyperForce technology (2,500 Pa) and a main floating brush made entirely of rubber. This accessory follows the contours of the ground as closely as possible to dislodge dirt more effectively thanks to its durable spiral slats. This new design also eliminates the nightmare of bristles and hair wrapping around the brush.

Technical things to know about the Roborock S7:

Black Friday is right around the corner (November 26) and already you can see the promotions popping up all over the Net. More than a day of promotions, this event has become a Black Week allowing you to do good business for several days. Good news for high-tech fans and anyone who wants to make housework easier with a robot cleaner, the S5 Max and S7 will be on display for Black Week discounts from November 26th to 28th:

The hardest part will be making your choice, but here are some tips to help you!

If you have many carpets, the S7 can be very interesting for cleaning all your surfaces and fiber coatings free of hair and dust without you having to intervene. It is also the preferred model for users who are not fans of home automation and want the simplest possible programming. For interiors with only hard floors, the S5 max provides a powerful and optimal wash. And as for your doormat or the small rug at the foot of your bed, you only have to remove the washing unit to vacuum them from time to time.

Cleaning takes time, and with the Roborock S7 and S5 Max robot cleaners, you can enjoy spotless floors without wasting a minute. Once your household cleaner is programmed, it will take care of its task without your intervention. The Black Week Boulanger and Rue du Commerce discounts are the perfect opportunity to buy these devices at a reduced price and find time for you, your family and your hobbies.