Renault Austral: photos, prices, hybrid... All about the SUV


Renault Austral: photos, prices, hybrid... All about the SUV

RENAULT AUSTRAL. Unveiled on March 8, 2022, the new Renault Austral is about to land in Renault dealerships. The SUV replaces the aging Kadjar with the ambition to better compete with the Peugeot 3008. Photos, prices, equipment... Here is everything you need to know about this Renault Austral.

The Renault Austral is Renault's new SUV. Under this original name, hides in fact the replacement of the Kadjar on a strategic segment, that of the compact SUV which has attracted so many motorists in recent years. Aging, with a bland design both outside and inside, the Kadjar, technical cousin of the Nissan Qashqai, quickly suffered from the comparison with much more cut opponents, in particular a much more aggressive Peugeot 3008 on the outside. and flashy inside with its digital dashboard, piano keys and original dashboard.

Renault grumbled for several years before preparing its response. It is therefore called Austral and is the first production vehicle worked on by the new design manager (under the responsibility of Laurens van den Acker), a certain Gilles Vidal, debauched from Peugeot where he had notably worked on... the 3008! This Austral must embody a little more the new era of Renault, inaugurated by the recent release of the new generation of the Mégane, 100% electric and called Mégane E-Tech. This time no electric on board but hybrid for this compact SUV intended for the road and which benefits from the launch of several gasoline hybrid proposals while the diesel disappears purely and simply.

Renault has this time cut to the chase and assumes the SUV side of the Austral with imposing protections, protruding sides, underlined wheel arches and 17 to 20 inch rims. We also discover a modern lighting signature and interior equipment presented as more premium and better arranged. Enough to overshadow a 3008 which is beginning to show the weight of years but also the Volkswagen Tiguan, heavyweight in the category in Europe? Here is the first information to remember about this new Renault Austral as well as the first photos to be found in our slideshow.

Renault unveiled its new compact SUV, the Renault Austral, on March 8, 2022 after a major teasing campaign which saw the French brand detail many aspects of its SUV.

The Renault Austral joins the compact SUV category, a sector that is already very congested but generates good margins because it is often accompanied by premium equipment and high finishes.

No diesel! Renault anticipates future regulations and bans diesel from its new SUV. The Renault Austral is offered with several hybrid engines: the E-Tech Hybrid system on the 400 Volt network develops up to 200 horsepower. This engine combines a new 3-cylinder 1.2-litre 130 horsepower turbo petrol engine with a 50 kW electric motor, i.e. 68 horsepower and a 400 V lithium-ion battery. In the end, two power levels will be offered on this top range: 160 and 200 horsepower.

The Austral will also be offered with a lighter hybridization via two engines:

Unveiled on March 8, 2022, the Renault Austral should take its first steps on the road this summer for a commercial launch by the end of 2022. This deadline is confirmed by the Diamond brand which evokes the "4th quarter of 2022 " for this launch.

Renault has not revealed a price for the time being but we can estimate a launch price above 30,000 euros for the basic version, probably between 32,000 and 35,000 euros. The sportier Esprit Alpine version should also be detailed by then. It will undoubtedly offer a specific interior layout in addition to its gray color which is reserved for it.