Renault Arkana: lower price and new look for the coupe SUV


Renault Arkana: lower price and new look for the coupe SUV

RENAULT ARKANA. Arrived on the French market in 2021, the Renault Arkana offered its mid-career restyling. If the transformations of the SUV remain quite minimal, the diamond brand has revised its price list downwards. Here is all the information you need to know.

[Updated on July 24, 2023 at 3:56 p.m.] After seducing Asia and then Russia, the Renault Arkana, produced in South Korea under the Renault Samsung Motors label and called XM3 in the neighboring continent, arrived in France in the spring of 2021. The success of the coupé SUV has spread to western Europe and the diamond brand has decided to give it a little update this July. A minimal makeover, however marked by the creation of the new Esprit Alpine finish, now a symbol of the high-end Renault models. The good news of this restyling is above all the lower price of the crossover, the entry-level of which now costs 31,000 euros. Find all the information about the Renault Arkana below.

As indicated above, Renault has not revolutionized the contours of its crossover from Asia. A few alterations to the exterior, with in particular the adoption of the brand's new identity, and the simplification of the finishes, now three in number: Evolution, Techno and Esprit Alpine.

No changes under the hood. The Renault Arkana retains its two mild hybrid petrol engines with a power of 140 and 160 horsepower respectively. Ditto for the full hybrid, 145 horsepower, the third choice of engine in the catalog which represents 63% of crossover sales in the first half of 2023.

Renault took advantage of the makeover of its SUV coupe to play its price list. Sold at the beginning of the year at 32,500 euros in its Evolution finish with its 140 hp light hybridization engine, the same version of the Arkana, but restyled, will be... cheaper. The manufacturer has chosen to revise its prices downwards, and this entry-level model now costs 31,000 euros, or a “discount” of 1,500 euros. The same finish with the E-Tech engine increases the price of the crossover to 33,000 euros. You have to add 1,600 euros if you prefer to go upmarket with the Techno finish (32,600 and 34,600 euros). Finally, to get your hands on the Arkana Esprit Alpine, the minimum bet is 35,800 euros with the 160 horsepower mild hybrid engine. With the full hybrid engine, the sports version of the crossover climbs to 37,600 euros.

Still produced at the Busan plant in South Korea, this restyled Arkana has been available to order since July. Its arrival in dealerships is expected in the fall, possibly in November.

The design of the Renault Arkana is clearly that of a coupe SUV. The car aims to compete with German models, such as the BMW X6 or the Mercedes GLE Coupe. The front is aligned with the design of current Renaults, with C-shaped LED lights as on the Mégane or the Talisman. We are dealing here with a crossover, a cross between a sedan, a coupe and an SUV. Find all the photos of the Renault Arkana by clicking on the image above!