Raphaëlle Ricci: she knocks out Elodie Frégé, what becomes of the ex-Star Ac' "sniper"?


Raphaëlle Ricci: she knocks out Elodie Frégé, what becomes of the ex-Star Ac' "sniper"?

RAPHAELLE RICCI. Famous for her sometimes muscular debriefs at the Star Academy, Raphaëlle Ricci has clearly given up on the program and is conspicuous by her absence during the tributes to the cult show of the 2000s. The return of the show this October 15 on TF1 has everything even provoked a reaction on his part. Without waffle...

No chance of seeing her join the jury of the new Star Academy on TF1 from this Saturday, October 15. Raphaëlle Ricci, the iconic scenic expression teacher of the first seasons of Star Ac', has obviously given up on the show and this period of her life. Absent from the various souvenir shows broadcast in 2021 on TF1, the daughter of singer Alice Dona still follows the return of the TF1 show. The proof: she addressed a tackle to her former student Elodie Frégé with whom she had already had trouble leaving during season 3 during the famous debriefs of the bonuses which had made her reputation as a "sniper" with students who feared especially his judgment.

While Elodie Frégé came back to one of the debriefs that had marked her and confided her discomfort at the time in the face of remarks about her physique or her look, Raphaëlle Ricci was quick to react to her Facebook page on the eve of the show's return. "It turns out that I absolutely never used the words related by Elodie to quote myself. At the time, I was struggling with my anorexia and I never attacked anyone on their body or their morphology. I am going to believe that it is a bad interpretation", she explains first before tackling her former student: "Another thing, always concerning the words of Elodie who quotes me: the word "fagoté" does not make part of my vocabulary! I think she must have confused it with her grandmother's. I'm talking about clothes, that's my word for clothes. That's it, end of the little clarification. I find always a shame to victimize yourself to try to get people talking about yourself, but it never sold an album, book or show... only clicks for trash media. It's a choice."

Raphaëlle Ricci provided stage expression lessons at Star Academy during seasons 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 and 7. She was even director of Star Academy for a time before leaving the show in 2008. Star Academy, she seems to have mixed memories and no longer wishes to be associated with the program. On October 14, 2022, on the eve of the return of the show on TF1, she commented in reaction to an interview with Elodie Frégé mentioning her: "Finally, I very much wish that I would BE FUCKED (and not plug) FINALLY PEACE with Starac, which will certainly be the case tomorrow".

Now 55 years old, daughter of the composer Alice Dona (author of Serge Lama's "I'm sick", songs for Johnny Hallyday, Sheila, Claude François and Mireille Mathieu), Raphaëlle Ricci continues her coaching activities in scenic expression and intervenes on public speaking in higher schools and in companies and has developed in parallel an activity in sophrology. In 2008, she published a book "I will not sing tonight" where she returned to the domestic violence she suffered from her former companion for 10 years. : "After three days of living together with this perverse and manipulative man, he was already treating me as s***pe. I had been shocked, of course, I had slammed the door… But he had taken me out the great sentences, the bouquet of magnificent flowers, apologies in every way. And it was like that all the time: an alternation of insults and humiliations, and totally exaggerated proofs of love," she explained. notably.