Pass colo 2024: amount, CM2, Caf... Know everything


Pass colo 2024: amount, CM2, Caf... Know everything

COLO PASS. Many families should soon be able to benefit from aid to finance their children's departure for summer camps.

Create "collective memories", promote "social diversity" or even allow "access to nature, sport, culture" thanks to summer camps: this is what Aurore Bergé, new Minister of Solidarity, wants and Families who, during an interview on Thursday July 27, 2023, unveiled a new financial device which should be put in place by the government in the coming months: the colo pass. The objective is to enable most families to send their children to these leisure programs by helping them to pay for them, by paying a premium. But after making this announcement, the ex-MP did clarify the outlines of the project.

During the presentation of this "pass colo", Aurore Bergé indicated that around 80% of children could benefit from the device. Indeed, all families with up to €4,000 in monthly income will be eligible for this aid. However, those around him later indicated that it would only be for children around the age of 11. If the aid has not yet been voted, the criterion used could be that of schooling in CM2. The idea would be to encourage departures to colonies during the summer between the end of primary school and entry into 6th grade.

According to the Minister, the amount of this allowance received by families will be €200 to €350 per child. This should be paid directly by the local Cafs. If Aurore Bergé has not detailed the terms, the aid could differ according to household income or according to the age group of the child, the cost of summer camps being different according to age.

The colo pass will not exist to go to camp at the last moment in August or even for the next All Saints holidays. The project will begin to be discussed in September, as part of the presentation of the Solidarity Pact. The objective is an implementation for the summer of 2024.

Aurore Bergé explained that the colo pass will be paid directly by the family allowance funds. Families wishing to benefit from this aid will therefore have to approach their usual Caf and fill out a form via the internet in order to apply for the money. Payment will not be automatic.