Paris 2024 Olympic Games: date, price... Details of the 2nd phase of ticket sales

Couldn't buy a ticket for the Paris 2024 Olympics? Don't panic, the second phase of sales will begin soon.

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: date, price... Details of the 2nd phase of ticket sales

Couldn't buy a ticket for the Paris 2024 Olympics? Don't panic, the second phase of sales will begin soon.

Too late a draw, few choices, too high prices... For many, the first phase of ticket sales for the Paris 2024 Olympics was a fiasco. But for others, the precious sesame are already in the box. According to the Paris 2024 committee, 3.25 million tickets have been sold. But if you are not among the lucky ones, don't panic, there is still the second phase of sales with single tickets.

This new phase will make it possible to sell 300,000 tickets at 24 euros according to Tony Estanguet. "1.5 million tickets will go on sale in this second phase, which represents 767 sessions on sale as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. For the breaking, skateboarding and BMX finals, prices will fluctuate between €50 and €160. For basketball finals, it will range from €95 to €980.

In detail, everything will happen again on from May 11. No need to register again for the draw, those in the first phase will be automatically registered. For those who have not done so, you will need to register online between March 15 and April 20. Tickets for the Opening and Closing Ceremony will also be available. You will have to pay 90 to 2,700 euros to have the privilege of seeing the start of the Olympics. For the closing ceremony organized at the Stade de France, it will take between 45 and 1,600 euros. Be aware that despite the two phases, other sales for the general public will be rescheduled by the start of the Olympic Games on July 26, 2024.

In 2024, the Summer Olympics will land in the French capital. The organizing committee unveiled the beginnings of the opening ceremony with a show that promises to be historic on the Seine. If the project is carried out, it will be the very first time that the latter will not take place within the Olympic stadium. Here are the pictures:

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games will be held in the Parisian capital but also in Saint-Denis, Yvelines, Marseille and Tahiti.

This is the official logo of the Paris 2024 Olympics

The first phase of ticket sales takes place between February 15 and March 15 after a lottery to create bespoke packs. Single ticket sales will begin after this date until April 15.

Each pack must consist of three sessions, but you cannot yet buy places for the 100m final, for example. Each person can purchase 10 packs of 3 sessions. If the purchase depends on your budget, here is the detail of the prices according to the events.

If you haven't received an email by March 15, don't panic... Seven million tickets will still be available. Between March 15 and April 15, registration will be launched for a new draw which will take place from May. This second stage, that of the sale of single tickets, concerns the 20% of the most requested Olympic sessions.

At each Olympiad, new sports apply to join or rejoin the Olympics program. In 2016, rugby 7 and golf had thus appeared. Before the possible addition of new disciplines, here is the list of the 28 sports on the program of the Summer Olympics:

Athletics 48 events (23 ladies, 23 gentlemen, two mixed)

Rowing 14 events (seven ladies, seven gents)


Badminton 5 events (two ladies, two gents, one mixed)

Boxing 13 events (six ladies, seven gentlemen)

Canoe / Kayak 16 events (eight ladies, eight gentlemen)

Cycling 22 events (eleven ladies, eleven gentlemen)

Riding 6 mixed events

Fencing 12 events (six ladies, six gents)



Two events (women and men)


Weightlifting 10 events (five ladies, five gentlemen)

Field hockey

Judo 15 events (seven ladies, seven gentlemen, one mixed)

Wrestling 18 events (six ladies, twelve gentlemen)

Swimming 49 events (23 ladies, 25 gentlemen, one mixed)

Pentathlon modern

Rugby 7

Taekwondo 8 events (four ladies, four gentlemen)

Tennis 5 events (two ladies, two gentlemen, one mixed)

Table tennis 5 events (two ladies, two gentlemen, one mixed)

Shooting 15 events (six ladies, six gentlemen, three mixed)

Archery 5 events (two ladies, two gentlemen, one mixed)

Triathlon 3 events (one ladies, one gentlemen, one mixed)

Sailing 10 events (three gents, three ladies, four mixed)

Volley-Ball 4 events (two ladies, two gentlemen)

Here is the list of the new events that will be on the program of the 2024 Olympics

The Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (OCJo) indicated in February 2019 that these 2024 Paris Olympics, which were initially to start on August 2, will finally take place from July 26 to August 11, 2024. It is obviously a little early to know the dates of the events, the daily calendar and the TV program for this sports fortnight. These subjects will be studied once the list of sports and the selected venues are official.

The vote and the designation of the host city of the 2024 Olympics took place on Wednesday, September 13, 2017, during the 130th session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lima (Peru), after the final presentations of each of the candidatures, and after the report of the Chairman of the IOC Evaluation Commission. The 84 IOC members present in Peru have unanimously validated the tripartite agreement granting the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, and those of 2028 in Los Angeles. Recall that Paris had indeed recently failed in its quest in 1992 (beaten by Barcelona), in 2008 (beaten by Beijing) and in 2012 (beaten by London). In 2004, Lille was chosen to represent France, without success either. You have to go back to 1900 and 1924 to find traces of the Summer Olympics in France, each time in the French capital.