New Renault Scénic: from minivan to 100% electric SUV! All the pictures


New Renault Scénic: from minivan to 100% electric SUV! All the pictures

RENAULT SCENIC. Presented on Monday at the Munich Motor Show, the New Renault Scénic, 5th of the name, definitively changes from family MPV to SUV. Designed exclusively in electric form, with a range of 600 kilometers, it will face strong competition in a segment that remains as popular as ever.

[Updated September 4 at 12:18 p.m.] On the eve of the opening to the public of the Munich Motor Show, which is being held this year from September 5 to 10, Renault presented this Monday the new generation, the fifth , from the Scenic. Born in 1996, the family minivan, one of the biggest successes of the diamond brand, makes a 180 degree turn to become definitively transformed into an SUV. As announced a long time ago, the New Scénic will be exclusively electric, like the Mégane E-Tech introduced to the market last year.

For the French manufacturer, the release of the electric Scénic E-Tech (its full name) is a further step towards the electrification of its range. But the new family SUV, designed “more sustainably” and 95% recyclable, will have to defend its place in a hyper-competitive segment. Moreover, it is certainly no coincidence that only eight days separate the presentation of the Scénic E-Tech and that of the New Peugeot e-3008, which will be revealed on September 12.

As said above, this fifth opus of the Renault Scénic will be 100% electric. The SUV, developed like the Mégane E-Tech on the CMF-EV platform, will offer two engines developing 170 and 220 horsepower. The first will be powered by a 60 kWh battery for a WLPT range announced by the manufacturer at 420 kilometers, which would place this Scénic V in the average of vehicles in its segment. The second option, obviously more expensive, will allow, still according to Renault, to exceed 600 kilometers of autonomy (610 exactly), which would make it possible to reach Bordeaux from Paris without going through an electric charging station. This more powerful motor will be powered by an 87 kWh battery.

We will still have to wait a little bit before imagining ourselves driving the fifth Scénic of the name. If the SUV was presented at the beginning of September, taking advantage of the Munich Motor Show, its commercial launch is scheduled for spring 2024.

Today the price of the entry-level Mégane E-Tech with the 220 hp engine is 42,000 euros. It is therefore not risky to say that the New Renault Scénic will cost more. Considering the prices charged by the competition, it would not be surprising to see the price of the entry-level model reach, or even exceed, 45,000 euros.