New Renault Espace: transformed into an SUV, photos and info!


New Renault Espace: transformed into an SUV, photos and info!

RENAULT SPACE. Renault has officially unveiled its new Espace. The Renault Espace 6e of the name undergoes a real metamorphosis and becomes a real family SUV, far from the minivan of yesteryear. Prices, photos, features, find all the information below in our special guide dedicated to the new Renault Espace 2023!

This is a revolution ! Renault could have parodied the old slogans of Steve Jobs as the Renault Espace 6th of the name bears no resemblance to its predecessors. It was expected, the new Espace becomes a family SUV, direct competitor of Peugeot 5008, Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace or Skoda Kodiaq which invaded the market... and pushed the Renault minivan towards the exit, devoured by these newcomers who panicked the sales. The design of the minivan, deemed has-been and already reviewed with the Espace 5 crossover close to the SUV, is this time to be shelved in favor of the more trendy and "bankable" one of the SUV, even in the clothes of pseudo adventurers.

Here there is no question of crossing and 4x4, the Espace does not deny the comfort or the habitability and the practicality of the minivan. However, it is much shorter than its predecessors and is similar in design to a longer Renault Austral. As a reminder, the Austral is Renault's compact SUV which appeared in 2022 and replaces the Kadjar. What does this new Espace 2023 offer? What are its engines, its particularities, its strengths against well-established competitors? Here is the Renault Espace guide.

Renault unveiled the first photos of its new Renault Espace in mid-February 2023 before officially presenting all its lines on March 28, 2023. No big surprise in view of the photos since we find a silhouette of a family SUV and lights close to the Austral SUV, presented in 2022 and replacing the Kadjar.

What does the Renault Espace 2023 offer? Here are five facts to remember:

Unveiled on March 28, 2023, the new Renault Espace should soon appear on our roads with first tests probably this summer for a start of marketing at the end of 2023.

The price has not been communicated but it should be around 40,000 euros at launch given the rather opulent finishes chosen and the hybrid engine offered.