Macron has an idea to no longer be bothered by MPs

“We are going to stop making laws.

Macron has an idea to no longer be bothered by MPs

“We are going to stop making laws.” This is what the President of the Republic reportedly declared on January 17, during the Council of Ministers, revealing a serious desire to now govern as much as possible by regulatory means.

A shock formula, as Emmanuel Macron has the secret. And yet, political observers will undoubtedly see this as a turning point in the way the executive approaches the situation. And even, perhaps, a first consequence of the lessons learned from the psychodrama of the immigration law which shook the executive at the end of 2023. If on January 17, in the Council of Ministers, the Head of State would have invited his government, not without a certain form of provocation, to "stop making laws", this does not mean that the government will abandon the idea of ​​tabling bills and that no more texts will be studied until the end of the five-year term.

No. In the absence of an absolute majority in the National Assembly, the President of the Republic would seek an alternative. And this should therefore go through fewer bills in the Assembly, as well as fewer legislative proposals from the presidential majority, and, above all, more regulatory reforms. On the side of Emmanuel Macron's entourage, however, we defend that "it is not a question of overcoming difficulties linked to the relative majority", stressing that "any decree or regulation comes from the law. We cannot not exceed the law through the use of the decree", relays Le Parisien.

What will this actually involve? Still speaking to the capital's daily newspaper, a MoDem executive puts forward the proposal for "shorter" texts, the subjects of which will also have to be shortened, but also particularly more precise, the objective being to prevent oppositions from being able to suggest amendments considered too far from the basic text. “What the president is trying to say is that we have passed a very large number of laws and that it is now a matter of these laws being fully implemented and executed,” we point out. also in Emmanuel Macron's entourage. Which could therefore be translated as: decrees and circulars in sight! Questioned by Le Parisien about this turning point, the leader of the socialists in the Assembly, Boris Vallaud, deplores the fact that once again, the parliament will be mistreated. “The Macronists will dispense with democratic debate whenever they can,” he concludes.