Lords of the Fallen: The game with revolutionary graphics that could dethrone Elden Ring

The Lords of the Fallen is an unexpected title that definitely makes a lot of noise.

Lords of the Fallen: The game with revolutionary graphics that could dethrone Elden Ring

The Lords of the Fallen is an unexpected title that definitely makes a lot of noise. An original creation from CI Games and Hexworks shown in a little more detail by a recent stunning gameplay trailer.

The Lords of the Fallen is still making waves with a new gameplay presentation. This action-RPG developed by CI Games and Hexworks seems to be freely inspired by the success of the Souls series, and intends to offer a difficult, rewarding and original experience, in a universe that perfectly incorporates the codes of dark fantasy.

This week, the game showed off the extent of its technical ambition through a stunning trailer, almost challenging Elden Ring's utter dominance of the dark-fantasy RPG genre. We focus on this next release in detail just below.

With epic visuals, and a trailer of this level, Lords of the Fallen had to make some noise this week. This action-RPG has the desire to shake up the latest games from From Software, by offering gameplay that we expect to be brutal, arduous, and without concessions. By not hiding its inspirations from the games of the Japanese studio, Hexworks intends to offer an epic experience on a large scale, with complex and rewarding real-time combat.

The studio even takes up some Souls concepts by offering a multiplayer mode allowing you to progress in the two-player campaign, and to invade the world of hostile players to slow down their progress. But it benefits from a major technical advantage: the Unreal Engine 5 and its stunning graphics. Enough to make even the biggest Elden Ring fans salivate.

As for the gameplay, and although we have seen only a few images of the game, we can still guess what to expect. Lords of the Fallen intends to both imitate soulslike by offering an action-RPG in "fluid, fast and difficult" combat, and to differentiate itself by different mechanics. We can for example note the existence of two parallel worlds in your adventure, the world of the living and the world of the dead, which you will have to cross from one to the other during your progress, or during one of your many fatal misadventures.

On the other hand, we will find everything that makes a good classic action-RPG, namely total character customization, nine starting classes, a statistics tree, hundreds of weapons and armor, magic, monsters , villains and so on. All in a frankly sinister universe, marked by an epic mythology and a complex history. Also note that your character will be equipped with a lantern allowing him to move from one world to another, giving you the opportunity to discover many secrets and hidden treasures. A heroic-fantasy adventure that promises if you want our opinion.

Technically, Lords of the Fallen intends to rely on Unreal Engine 5. Epic Games' new graphics engine is establishing itself as one of the most efficient and promising on the market, crushing the competition with its technical demonstrations. impressive, and its high-flying performance. Undoubtedly, this association will be very beneficial to the new game from Hexworks, and will allow it to achieve a very great graphic rigor, even almost photorealistic.

Lords of the Fallen is scheduled for release on October 13, 2023. Originally announced at Gamescom 2022, the game has seen fairly rapid development and will only be available on next-gen platforms. We will therefore find it on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series, which promises on a technical level. While waiting for its release, you can learn more on its official website. The game is already available for pre-order with various cosmetic bonuses allowing you to start your adventure in the best conditions in terms of style.