Kylian Mbappé: imminent breach of contract for gross negligence?


Kylian Mbappé: imminent breach of contract for gross negligence?

MBAPPE. Following the revelations from Mediapart, a sports law lawyer interviewed on RMC Sport this Thursday, explains that the world champion could request a breach of contract with his PSG club.

[Updated October 13, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.] Following Mediapart's revelations on Wednesday October 12 indicating that PSG had in the past used a "digital army", led by the then director of communication, Jean- Martial Ribes, in particular to denigrate his own player on social networks, the French would be able to request a breach of contract with the club of the capital.

If all the elements are proven, Tatiana Vassine, lawyer specializing in sports law and interviewed on RMC Sport Thursday, October 13, explains that yes, it is possible. "Each of the parties bound by an employment contract is subject to an obligation of loyalty which is the equivalent of the obligation of good faith existing in all contracts. This obligation requires that the employee, like the employer, perform their obligations to each other in a fair manner, and obviously without harming the other." This question of loyalty would therefore be the most important point which could lead Kylian Mbappé to request a breach of his contract. "Professional players are bound to their club by a fixed-term employment contract, recalls the lawyer. This type of contract can only be broken in specific cases such as serious misconduct. For example, it has been retained in cases physical, verbal violence or abuse of freedom of expression. If it were proven and attributable to the employer, therefore the club, it would in my opinion be serious enough to justify a breach of the contract" she explains . For the moment, PSG categorically deny the rumors and accusations from Mediapart.

"In the event of litigation, it would be up to bodies such as the industrial tribunal or the legal commission of the LFP to decide this point in view of the elements appearing in the file. They are the ones who have the last word" concludes the lawyer , also explaining that the PSG would be in its right to contest the breach of the contract because if the serious fault is proven, the club will have to pay the full salary of Kylian Mbappé until 2024.

Mediapart's revelations concern a "digital army" commanded and directed by the PSG communication department, as a means of pressure on several levels on the world of football. The pressure on Kylian Mbappé is really only part of this long investigation into "The incredible slander machine of PSG". The "Paname Squad" Twitter account is notably incriminated by the website, with two key examples concerning Mbappé. First, in March 2019, after rumors of a departure at the end of the season, the player explained in "Téléfoot" that he wanted to stay at PSG. The Paname Squad account will take the opportunity a few minutes later to congratulate Mbappé for having "silenced the Madrid rumours", while giving him a strong tackle: "Now, work in silence and be discreet (sic). No need to too much declaration. We need a response from the field."

Secondly, during the presentation of the trophy for best player in Ligue 1 in 2021, pressure from Mbappé against PSG was badly perceived and would have led this "digital army" to intervene again. "I feel that maybe it's time to have more responsibilities. I hope maybe it will be at PSG, it would be with great pleasure. Or maybe it will be somewhere else," said the player. in front of the cameras. to which Paname Squad had replied: "The Parisian supporters love you very much, you know that... You got your 'message' across tonight, and what timing!? If you could press like that on the pitch"...

In a statement released on Wednesday afternoon, Paris Saint-Germain "firmly denied Mediapart's allegations", saying they work "permanently with social media agencies around the world", but "to promote and celebrate the achievements of the Club, its employees and its partners".

Tuesday October 11, 2022, the Spanish daily Marca announced that Kylian Mbappé wanted to leave PSG from the January transfer window, or even next summer. A bomb in the world of football, on the evening of a Champions League match and less than six months after the renewal of the player in the capital, epilogue of yet another soap opera on his potential departure for Real Madrid. The Iberian newspaper and several French media specified that the world champion felt "betrayed" by the leaders, in particular about a "pivotal" role on the ground, which Kylian Mbappé would not appreciate since the arrival of Christophe Galtier on the bench.

During the PSG - Benfica pre-match, counting for the 4th day of the Champions League, Luis Campos, PSG sports adviser, also involved in the rumors, spoke, assuring that Kylian Mbappé had never announced his desire starting in January. "It's a categorical denial on our part. Whether he's happy or not, that's a question you have to ask him. It's a very personal question. I see Kylian working," said the manager. Portuguese from Paris Saint-Germain at the microphone of RMC Sport. "Kylian is an extraordinary professional. For example, he played ill in the last match at Reims, he made the effort for the team. I see Kylian arriving with his teammates, happy every day and with a huge want to work."

Several media will however maintain their information, explaining that Kylian Mbappé's relationship with PSG has been completely broken since the start of the season.

In recent weeks, tensions have arisen around the positioning of Kylian Mbappé on the ground, with a pivotal role which he does not like and which would be contrary to the promises of PSG during the transfer window last summer. After the poor performance in Champagne on Saturday, Kylian Mbappé had also tweeted "Draw, meeting on Tuesday", before the hashtags "

On the sidelines of the meetings of the Blues this fall, Kylian Mbappé had launched a few spades at his direction, explaining that he felt better in the France team, because he had more freedom in his position. An attitude criticized by Emmanuel Petit on RMC. "In recent weeks, I find him off topic in his communication. I find that he is moving more and more from the central subject, which is the game and the field. He is making it more and more a personal matter", judged the former glory of the France team. "Yes, I hear rumors that promises have not been kept, but I want to tell him: 'Kylian, grow up, that's life.

Asked about this at a press conference before PSG – Benfica in the Champions League, Christophe Galtier wanted to put an end to the controversy. “We spoke a lot with Kylian at the start of the season and I had been very attentive to his statements after the France team, where he feels more comfortable in the animation offered and the way in which the sector is made up. offensive", he said, ready it seems to adapt the game configuration to his nugget, with "two attackers [...] so that Kylian can evolve in his preferential zone". Insufficient or too late words, no doubt, to coax the star.

At the end of the contract last year with PSG, Kylian Mbappé was insistently announced at Real Madrid for the rest of his career. But after reflection and perhaps a contract and more important promises from PSG, the world champion had finally decided to stay with the capital club, explaining that Paris had "always been his home". The ace. According to the revelations of Marca on Tuesday October 11, confirmed by the Parisian or RMC Sport, the French would already regret this decision. Despite the feeling of betrayal that Real Madrid and their supporters would have felt this summer, RMC Sport claimed that the Real Madrid track was not abandoned and that the Merengues still wanted to constitute a "madness" attack of here 2024.

RMC Sport also assured that the management of PSG, while acknowledging the departure of Kylian Mbappé, would like to avoid any bleeding. The fear of Parisian President Nasser Al-Khelaïfi: "a stroke of pressure from the Mbappé clan to perhaps influence other players internally. He does not want to hear about a possible departure and refuses to fuel the controversy".