Jean-Clair Todibo: injury, origins... Who is the OGC Nice defender?

His talent finally blossomed with OGC Nice.

Jean-Clair Todibo: injury, origins... Who is the OGC Nice defender?

His talent finally blossomed with OGC Nice. Jean-Clair Todibo seems to have found a stable path which will perhaps open the doors to the French team.

It was under the Guyana sun that on December 30, 1999 Jean-Clair Todibo was born. He is the son of Jean-René Todibo who still lives in Matoury in Guyana and Claire Tsoumboulis who was a college manager in Noisy le Sec. Jean-Clair Todibo arrived in France with his mother, his brother and his sisters. They are 6 in total. He started football at FC les Lilas. The young boy could well have said goodbye to the world of football. Hit by a car at 9 years old, he recovered from this serious injury and this mental shock that marked him for life. So much so that an anecdote following this particular event accompanies his biography.

Described as "agitated" in his class, Todibo would have presented in CM2 "his favorite object". "He put his two legs on a chair. This is my favorite object", he would have chanted that day according to the story reported by his mother in an interview with Guyane 1e. "Those are my legs. My legs are my favorite toys. I almost lost them!"

Jean-Clair Todibo has indeed used his legs by resuming football after his accident. And he was right. After joining Toulouse in 2016, he turned professional in 2018 and armed himself with patience. Loaned several times, multiplying trips from France to Spain to Barcelona, ​​to Germany to Schalke or to Portugal to Benfica, Jean-Clair Todibo never found his balance until Nice. It was in France that the libero exploded after years of struggle. He's now one of the Gym's defenders.

Jean-Clair Todibo almost didn't become a footballer. Aged only 9, he was run over by a car and seriously injured his left leg.

During his time at FC Barcelona, ​​​​Jean-Clair Todibo would have had, according to Sportune 20 Minutes, a salary close to 65,000 euros per week. On the Côte d'Azur, the player receives around 116,000 euros per month.

Never called in A, Jean-Clair Todibo has only worn the blue jersey for the under-20s 9 times. This Thursday, when the Blues list was announced, Didier Deschamps could select him for the first time for the Euro 2024 qualifiers.

Jean-Clair Todibo is very discreet in his private life. He got married in Nice, in 2022, with his wife, whose name is Malek.

At the end of the year, Jean-Clair Todibo remains narrowly in the 1900s. Born in December 1999, he is therefore heading towards his 24th birthday at the end of 2023.

Jean-Clair Todibo was born in Cayenne, French Guiana. He comes from this French region which is located on the American continent.

From 2018 to 2021, Jean-Clair Todibo only played 42 club games, including 17 with Nice in 2021. Before that, the French player had only played 23 times (Toulouse, Barcelona Schalke, Benfica) . That is very little in 3 years. The footballer also returned with bitterness to his whirlwind stint at Barça with L'Equipe. "It sucks to go to Barcelona and not play. I'd rather wear the Sedan shirt and play than go to Barcelona and not play. Already you're under less criticism at Sedan... The presentation at Barcelona is madness, but I only played five games, it's bogus in real life. I won a La Liga (in 2019), but I didn't help the team, I played when we won the title! Calm down, there's better things to do I think..."

Fortunately for him, the Gym launched him definitively. It is now indisputable in the eleven of the Aiglons.