Is your home affected by a natural or industrial "hazard"? Most French people are

Flooding, landslides, transport of hazardous materials.

Is your home affected by a natural or industrial "hazard"? Most French people are

Flooding, landslides, transport of hazardous materials... Your municipality and your home is undoubtedly affected by certain types of risk: it is possible to find out about them in a few clicks.

Knowing whether your home is affected by risks and or by exposure to certain dangerous phenomena can be very useful. Some risks are of natural origin, such as earthquakes, floods, landslides, forest fires, exposure to radon, proximity to a volcano... Others are of technological origin, c i.e. directly linked to human activity, such as proximity to classified industrial installations, dangerous pipes, soil pollution, or proximity to nuclear power plants.

All these dangers are not comparable, some are quite minimal, others can on the contrary be considered major. To be well informed and take stock of the risks surrounding you, you can use a simple and very practical online tool, made available to everyone by the Ministry for Ecological Transition: the Georisks site, which allows you enter your address into a search engine.

You will find all the necessary information on this page on a site designed by government services. Note that if you are exposed to a risk considered "major", you can benefit from the financial support of the Barnier fund to carry out work on your home. In the event of a loss recognized by a State of Natural Disaster, you are entitled to compensation if you are properly insured.

As the Georisks site specifies, this dashboard "aims to show you a simplified view of the natural and technological risks located near you". You should know that it does not correspond to "a statement of risks in accordance with articles L-125-5 and R125-26 of the Environmental Code. [...] It has no legal value, it is carried out on the basis of information known and listed in Georisks".

Given the very broad inventory of risks, the vast majority of municipalities in France are concerned by at least one risk, most by several, to greater or lesser degrees. A severity scale is integrated into the tool, it is very clear and makes it possible to put potential dangers into perspective or, on the contrary, to anticipate the probability of their occurrence in order to better protect oneself.