iPhone 15 may be SIM-free


iPhone 15 may be SIM-free

IPHONE 15. As the release of the iPhone 15 is fast approaching, a new rumor is spreading: the phone would be SIM cardless. We take stock of this information which may surprise more than one person.

A few minutes before the official announcement of the iPhone 15, a rumor emerged according to which the latter would not have a SIM card. Info or rumor? This comes from the Challenges site, and it does not seem unfounded, given that the iPhone 14 already has an eSIM function.

If this information should be taken with a grain of salt, we explain to you what an eSIM card is and why this rumor risks annoying certain telephone operators.

Small and discreet, the eSIM card has a major difference compared to its big sister: it is immovable, it does not move, because it is soldered on the motherboard of the cell phone, and not in an external container. In fact, all that separates them is the space saving, which allows the installation of a larger battery.

The eSIM is therefore managed remotely. If you change your subscription or number, you no longer need to open the SIM drawer and change the card: everything can be modified by the operator. To activate a line, for example, a phone call is enough. This should limit the wait for a new physical card to be sent.

Although still discreet, the eSIM is gradually arriving in homes. No less than 5 to 10% of Orange customers have, for example, swapped their physical SIM for a virtual one in France. We anticipate a wave of new fans from the launch of the iPhone 15.

As time passes, phone manufacturers may abandon the physical SIM altogether, in favor of a virtual one. In fact, services linked to subscriptions are increasing in order to counterbalance the risk of losing sales.